Minecraft Villager Breeding Survival Island

A fun survival map with not one, but two innovative goals, this survival island style minecraft map requires you to first rejuvenate the barren dirt and sand landscape and then to populate it by building a village and breeding sufficient villagers that the island runneth over with life.

This map doesn’t have a bunch of superfluous silly ‘achievements’ or ‘challenges’ or whatever we’re calling them these days.* It has two painfully slow long term goals which is quite reminiscent of real life, where doing anything worthwhile takes at least a decade – and only at the end of that decade does one realize it was all sort of a waste of time.

There are no naturally spawning animals at first – or ever, because this void island is technically an ‘ocean’ biome and there are no ores to mine either. The ores are hidden in a hole somewhere and you’ll find them eventually after a sufficient amount of smashing the ground with your face.

Download Rejuvenate and Restore Minecraft Villager Breeding Survival Map!

*Actually it does, but I chose to ignore them for the purposes of keeping my brain intact.

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