The Library, Minecraft Dropper Map

A dropper map is a minecraft map in which the object of the game is not to survive, or to adventure, but to fall in the right place. It’s basically Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole, but with the story ending in the pool of tears and not going on to involve destroying people’s houses and kicking lizards out of chimneys.

The Library is a compilation of such maps, contributed to by many individual map makers (49 separate map makers, to be precise.) One begins, rather unsurprisingly, in an oversized library. Now I know we’ve all seen these ‘super scale’ minecraft builds before where the player becomes a tiny speck in a domestic scene, but this particular minecraft map really outdoes all others in terms of complexity and scale.

The map has a gentle learning curve, your first drop being a simple fall into a large-ish pool of water, which might lull you into a false sense of security, but don’t be lulled! Things quickly get much more exciting and visually impressive.

This is only the beginning. I’ve not included a whole lot of screenshots because a large part of the fun of the map is pressing a button and having crazy vertical worlds revealed in all their ‘oh my god I’m falling and I can’t get up’ glory.

Not only is this compilation a whole heck of fun, it’s pretty much a must play in terms of originality, scale and sheer amount of work that has gone into its construction. If you like to download minecraft maps in part because you like to be awestruck by the creative powers of other players, you will fall in love many times over in The Library.

Download The Library, Minecraft Dropper Map!

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