Medieval Wheat Farm Custom Map Download | Skryim Inspired Minecraft Map

minecraft medieval wheat farm download

Look at this minecraft town! It is made of wheat! And medieval peasants. Ha! Toil in the fields, peasant, toil from dawn to dusk. But download this minecraft custom map first.

This is a rather beautiful and very simple minecraft custom map, inspired by Skyrim’s farming lowlands. Although, to be fair, if it were staying close to Skyrim style lore, each farm would have maybe eight potatoes and eight wheat and eight carrots, and then there would be a custom NPC who would inexplicably pay you gold for having picked their tiny crops.

minecraft windmill map download

The creator waxes lyrical poetical with this description:

Imagine standing inside a huge paddock of wheat- The smell of hay fills your nose, the wind blows a gentle breeze, creating waves of sorts in the huge paddock. Before your eyes, lays hills and hills of yellow, and you instantly feel the urge to roll down the hills, into the soft crops. Small streams of water are home to freshwater fish, and the water reflects the swaying wheat in perfect motion. Small waterfalls create a constant splashing sound, which is rather calming. You look over into the horizon, and notice a windmill being turned. You pick yourself up and wander over…

This is a perfect map for anyone looking for a new survival or adventure experience in which the first part of the map is already cultivated. Place yourself in the role of a simple peasant, going out into the world to fight the creeper threat, or amass diamonds or whatever else it is simple peasants aspire to. Playstation, probably.

Medieval Farm Town Download

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