Life Size Minecraft House Download

minecraft life sized map download

This domestic paradise is a minecraft house built to real life scale. That is to say, you’ll find yourself in a minecraft house that is built to the scale of an actual house. This has the effect of making you feel very, very small. Not quite as small as Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex, but close. There are all sorts of oversized minecraft builds. Ant Farm Survival is perhaps the most famous of the minecraft maps built to real life scale – but the hook of this particular life size minecraft map is that there’s an entire house to explore. I’m talking extensive real estate.

minecraft life sized map download girls bedroom

This life sized house download includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom, girl’s bedroom, boy’s bedroom and much more. It’s really quite impressive and your life will be slightly worse than it otherwise could have been if you don’t download it. Which is a really negative way of saying that this is totally worth the download. It’s a very well made minecraft life sized house and it goes to show what a little dedication and an endless supply of digital colored blocks can do.

No mods are 100% required to play this map, but you may want to download one that extends view distance and brightens the world – otherwise vast portions of this rather humble little home will be lost to the creeping minecraft fog. The attention to detail is quite stunning, and the map maker Queertz has gone to some trouble to show a house that is a home in use. A bowl of bananas sits by the microwave in case you get peckish, but be sure not to fill up on fruit, dinner’s coming soon. There’s food in the process of being chopped up on a chopping board and in the toilet – well, let’s say there’s a work in progress occurring there too.

Download the Minecraft Life Size House!

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