King Spoon’s Tomb, Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map

A minecraft adventure / puzzle map set in an Egyptian tomb, King Spoon’s Tomb is full of dangers for the unwary explorer. Lord Canarvon himself would think twice before setting foot even in the very outermost of chambers of the resting place of the great King Spoon.

This map does contain a pet peeve of mine, which is a difficult lava based parkour challenge right at the very beginning. Maybe my parkour skills lag substantially behind those of the average Minecraft player, but I get really tired of landing in lava fifty times before I even start a map. If that sounds annoying to you, skip this map because there are even harder lava challenges ahead. This is not a map that holds your hand and pets the back of it and tells you how wonderful you are. This is a map that goes out of its way to hurt you in ways that are inventive and amusing if your humor turns in that direction.

Perhaps unsurprisingly there is quite an element of maze solving involved in this adventure map, passages upon passages wind their way through the tomb. The mazes are in no way kind and the phrase ‘dead end’ means more than just having to turn around and try another route. If you find yourself at a dead end, that means yo end is dead. There’s no end to the viciousness the creator has unleashed upon the player, oftentimes employing multiple means of dealing damage to remove any possible hope for survival. I found myself actually reluctant to even try to get rewards because the punishments were so frequent and harsh.

If you get tired of the tomb, it’s quite fun to wander the map and look at the other half abandoned builds that are scattered about the place. The creator tells you specifically not to do this, but hey, he’s not around – is he?

King Spoon’s Tomb is one heck of a high quality minecraft adventure map and it’s not a bad puzzle map either. It might very well push you to the brink of sanity, but don’t let that stop you from downloading it.

Download King Spoon’s Tomb Minecraft Hard Adventure Map!

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