How To Find A Minecraft Stronghold | Minecraft Stronghold Seed

Strongholds are abandoned underground structures found in Minecraft, but they are relatively rare and actually finding one can be difficult. This is a seed you can use to find a stronghold right away, it spawns you pretty much right outside a very large minecraft stronghold.

Here’s a seed guaranteed to spawn you just a little ways away from a stronghold:

a seed for finding a minecraft stronghold

Here are the co-ordinates for this massive mineceraft stronghold, the glass tower is due to this screenshot having been taken in the 1.9 pre-release and probably won’t be there by the time you get to it.

minecraft stronghold coordinates

The stronghold is an undersea stronghold and very extensive indeed, including an abandoned library. Here’s a couple screenshots to whet your exploratory appetite:

minecraft stronghold seed

minecraft stronghold ender dimension blocks

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