Edge of the World, Minecraft Survival Island

A small island minecraft survival map, Edge of the World uses many of the basic staples of the minectaft survival genre and puts them in a very small sea. There are several challenges in this map, circumnavigating the ocean being one of them. But the real challenge comes from the nature of the map itself. Animals don’t spawn here, so survival depends on the sea. Fishing is your best chance of keeping yourself nourished before you manage to build a farm. Which brings me to the second set of natural challenges in this minecraft survival island map – the soul sand. Most of the island is made of soul sand, so you have to retrieve dirt from the innards of the map and bring it up to the surface where it can be useful.

This is a simple minecraft map that relies on the mechanics of the game and limited resources to make things interesting. Though it might not be the longest survival map you ever play, taming the wild soul sands and subduing them to the useful and the good will be quite a challenge – and with the scope of the map being small, you’ll really be able to stamp your individual mark on the terrain, which is half the fun of survival island style maps.

Click here to download Edge of the World Minecraft Survival Island Map

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