Cubic Horrors, Minecraft Super Hostile CTM Adventure Map Download

‘The Fires Beneath’ is a hard CTM map. Hostile hard. You can play it if you like, but chances are you’ll rage quit within very short order. Then you’ll start again, because The Fires Beneath, first map in the Cubic Horrors collection, is one that demands to be completed. Did I mention the difficulty rating on this thing is ‘cruel’? That’s not even an actual rating. That’s just what people sobbed whilst their dreams of completing the monument crumbled before them.

So why play this map? Why allow the creator to toy with you like a puppet on a string? Because ever since Vechs’ Super Hostile minecraft maps came out, people have been pitting themselves not against machines, or logic processes, but against the devilish machinations of other players. This isn’t just a minecraft map download, it is an opportunity to beat the map maker at his own game.

Download Cubic Horrors ‘The Fires Beneath’ Minecraft CTM Map!

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