CobblStep City, Minecraft Adventure Map

CobblStep City is a very ambitious minecraft adventure map, comprising several locations spread out over a large area, dubbed ‘Cobbl County’. This is a very in-depth, well developed map with its own (completely imaginary) currency, job tree and multiple cities and locations for the exploration minded adventurer. This adventure map is designed to be non-linear, which means there’s not a whole lot of hand-holding and direction given. You determine your own adventure by where you choose to go and what you choose to do when you get there.

As a newcomer to CobbleStep city, you begin life as a refugee with no home and no education. As you play your way through the map (if you play your cards right,) you will become a college educated home owner. If you prefer, you could also be a homeless fellow or felless living in a hole in the ground, as is your right. Mansions, riches and fifty pieces of chain mail armor await you if you choose to climb the social ladder.

If you like fully fleshed out minecraft adventure maps with lots of large builds and plenty of different cities and locations to explore, Cobblstep City is going to be a ‘must download’ for you. The scope of the thing is very impressive, spanning several ‘continents’. What I also really admire about this map is the way a ‘creative’ switch has been enabled within the map itself, so if you simply want to look at a whole lot of pretty buildings, you simply flip a switch in the refugee center and fly off like Superman, or Neo at the end of the first Matrix movie, albeit with less vortex cloud effects.

Click here to download CobbleStep City, Minecraft Adventure Map!

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