Caved City, Minecraft Survival Games Multiplayer PVP Map Download

caved city minecraft pvp map

This minecraft city map is built on an epic scale, an abandoned city lost deep underground in a cave measureless to man. This FFA PVP arena map can contain up to twenty four minecraft pvp players all battling simultaneously for ultimate victory. There are plenty of places for wounded players to hide, and even more places to make sneaky attacks. Based on the Hunger Games concept, the game begins when the host drops the flag and ends when there is only one minecrafter left standing.

minecraft pvp survival games map

Caved City contains plenty of built in traps and treasures, so players who play the map often will begin to develop an advantage over newbies stumbling into trouble where they least expect it. The scale and extent of the build, not to mention the impressive detail make this a beautiful place to play the game of life and death. Puzzles provide an additional distraction, if you have the time to solve them before someone finds you and begins yet another grueling attack.

minecraft pvp city map

There’s some serious depth to this map, giving drop assassins a serious advantage. Never forget to look up (or down for that matter), keep an eye out around every corner and never spend too long being distracted by your grand surroundings. Distraction can be fatal in minecraft survival games.

minecraft pvp multiplayer

Keeping a sharp eye out for the bonus chests will also give you the opportunity to upgrade gear and gain additional advantages over your opponents – of which there will no doubt be many. This map is designed to be run on a multiplayer server, and can be played on the TMF-SG server, which is a good place to start if you don’t know how to run your own multiplayer survival games server.

Download Caved City Survival Games Map on Planet Minecraft!

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