Athelarum Caverns, Minecraft Survival Map

Athelarum Caverns is a minecraft map that falls between two stools and drags you down with it. That was a compliment. I have to admit that I spent an inordinate amount of time tip toeing around this map reluctant to break anything until I realized it was a survival map and I could actually destroy and rebuild as I saw fit.

It’s also a Complete The Monument map. I found no wool in my time playing it, but I did find 64 jackolanterns so that was nice. I suppose you could say that this is a hard map, that taken into consideration. In some cases you only have one opportunity to collect wool before it is destroyed. This means that your odds of actually completing the monument are pretty low.

On the bright side, there’s an awful lot of trying to find saplings and wood to entertain you and if you can find some dirt to grow food on you’ll be doing pretty well. I’d say for best results, ignore the monument and concentrate on trying to stay alive for more than one minecraft week with no bread or animals to satisfy your hunger. I hope you like the taste of rotting flesh, because zombies are about the only thing on the menu.

Download Athelarum Caverns, Minecraft Survival / CTM Map

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