Water Road Tutorial (Minecraft Boat Roads)

minecraft water road water ride how to

What is a road for boats? A canal! But we can’t call this a minecraft canal because it’s really not. No self-respecting canal would float in the sky and only contain water blocks every diagonal meter. And no self-respecting canal would consider the possibility of flinging those who travel along it into the stratosphere at a zillion miles per hour. Unlike minecarts, which can be difficult to control when you’re riding in one, using a boat to travel your water road means that you can fling yourself off the side of the road at any time. As long as you click out of the boat before it hits the ground you won’t even take fall damage. Now how you like those apples, huh?

This road can be placed along the ground or it can be elevated for a thrill a minute ride. This is not the safest way to travel in minecraft, not by a long shot, but it is probably one of the most fun ways to get around a map and all you need to build it are blocks of ice and dirt. So really dirt and a silk touch implement. Also: cheats.

This tutorial is made by reddit Minecrafter LonnieMac, to whom go the credit and the spoils.

Check out LonnieMac’s illustrated imgur water road tutorial!

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