The Misty Skull Minecraft Adventure Map Download

misty skull minecraft adventure map download

The Misty Skull, a lord of the undead is coming for you. So I suggest you get ready. The longer you wait, the more undead warriors he rises to plague the land of Minecraftia.

With thirteen months of development behind it, there are some very impressive builds in The Misty Skull adventure map. The storyline of this map is pretty much one big long build up to a boss fight against the namesake of the map – The Misty Skull himself.

misty skull minecraft cathedral adventure map


Misty Skull boasts a currency system in the form of emeralds. Your coin count is also your score for the game. So hoard as many of those green gems as possible if you want to top the leaderboards. Doing sidequests will also boost your coin total, so play the map in its entirety to max out your coin count. (There are also ample opportunities in the trading system to exchange worthless bits of tat, like armor and weapons, for shiny shiny emerald coins.)


At the beginning of the map, you choose from one of three special abilities. You can have Strength, Speed or Healing abilities. I chose strength, because I inevitably end up on the receiving end of a face punching by every mob in a five mile radius. T’was a little bit disappointing (and this is a spoiler, but not really) to discover that my ‘special ability’ amounted to three strength potions.


Most of the quest lines are communicated through books. It’s an approach that is a little archaic now that we have command blocks, but it’s nice if you like to collect quest notes and re-read them.


Many of the initial side quests involve going and buying items for NPCS who have been inexplicably fenced into their own homes. But you’re soon thrown into the main mission, which takes place inside one of the largest and most impressive minecraft cathedrals I’ve ever seen. Do you dare enter and take your chances against Lord Misty Skull?

Download the Misty Skull, Minecraft Adventure!

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