The Great Minecraft Villager Project | Three Doors Make A Baby Villager

baby minecraft villagers clustering in a crazy lump of villagers

Villagers used to be almost entirely useless, but with the introduction of the emerald trading system, villagers have become an integral part of the minecraft economy. It’s easy enough to corral your villagers into stalls (because of their tendency to cluster in small, but desirable buildings with all the glee of cows heading off to slaughter). Unfortunately it is this very habit that makes creating a charming village with villagers actually living in each of your hand-built houses, all the harder.

It helps if you understand how a minecraft villager thinks. For starters, they are comforted by and attracted to areas where multiple doors face one another. To that end, creating a ‘village square’ can be both a blessing and a trap. Villagers will love their village square, but you might find that they end up congregating endlessly there if you make the area too appealing.

How To Breed Minecraft Villagers

It is simple enough to breed villagers, you simply need to create an additional three valid ‘doors’ for every villager you want to be created.

What is a valid door? Allow me to quote the wiki for a moment: “A valid door is any door (within the city radius) where the number of “outside” spaces within 5 blocks (in a straight line) on one side of the door is not the same as the number of “inside” spaces within 5 blocks on the other side of the door.

Outside spaces are any spaces hit by the sun. This makes it very easy to build villager breeding machines, like the cutaway image shown below. Simply create an enclosed space and throw doors inside it until you have enough. Be aware however, that this place will then become a mecca for disenfranchised villagers, so you might have to remove the doors once they have served your purposes.

minecraft villager breeding machine

You’ll know that you’ve achieved your aim when you see villagers facing one another with love hearts bubbling out of their square little heads. Oh, and when a tiny villager pops into existence and goes speeding off into the distance. Baby minecraft villagers are fast, inquisitive and prone to getting stuck in small spaces, so make sure you’ve baby proofed your village before planting all those doors in opportune places.

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