The Flood, Minecraft Survival Map

the flood mincraft survival map download

Everything is flooded and your boat is broken. This is a serious problem, so you’ll need to mend your boat. The Flood has something of a political / environmental agenda, as the cause of the flood wasn’t a vengeful god – as is tradition, but rather a result of global warming. Your homeland is underwater now, and you have just some bread and apples and carrots to get by on. The aim of the game is to mend the boat by finding iron blocks scattered through the map and perhaps escaping to higher lands.

Escaping to higher lands seems somewhat unlikely, unless you build yourself a ladder up to the top of the big unbreakable walls surrounding the survival space.

The map is rather challenging. There’s only one patch of grass, which means a limited space to grow things – at least until operation growalot gets into full swing. Most of the surfaces you’ll find in this map turn out to be trees, which are all very well and good for the purposes of gathering wood, but you can’t grow much atop a tree, can you?

It would be very much possible to survive this map simply by hanging around the first island nearest the boat, the one with the trees and grass and what not. But that wouldn’t allow you to finish the map’s main objective, which is finding iron blocks to complete the boat.

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 6/10. A somewhat interesting survival map experience, the bedrock box somewhat damages the aesthetic appeal, though the explorable dungeons make up for that. Definitely worth playing if you enjoy minecraft island style survival maps.

The Flood Minecraft Survival Map Download Link

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