Survival Islands Minecraft Sky World Survival Map

This survival islands map is made from several large, heavily landscaped islands in the sky. Instead of skipping from little biome to little biome, you can explore naturally shaped islands featuring various landscapes, each with its very own specialized terrain. The map also includes custom boss fights, custom dungeons, a stronghold and many more minecraft features commonly found in naturally generated minecraft maps.

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This is like the Hilton of minecraft sky survival maps, it maintains the basic premise of sky survival (ie, surviving in the sky) but does it in a new and exciting way. There are a few points of difference however, and they change the game quite considerably. For starters, you can see the green grass below, which doesn’t help at all, but does provide a reassuring sense of being grounded.

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The most notable element of this sky survival map is the fact that you don’t have to painstakingly build cobblestone bridges from one island to another, instead you can parkour if it takes your fancy, or you can just build your way across, because this is a survival map and not a parkour map.

minecraft sky island map

You have to be careful to avoid the many traps, or if not to avoid the traps, at least to try and stand a wee bit clear when things start going BOOM!. The path ahead is not simple or straightforward, and in spite of the fact that you can see all the islands from the starting line, there are still surprises.

Prepare to leap, to duck, to dive, to dodge and to survive your way right through to the final stages of this map – and it is one of the very few survival maps with not one, but two grand finales to enjoy. Definitely worth a playthrough, this minecraft sky world takes the old and makes it new again.

Download this Minecraft Sky World Map

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