SonicCraft Minecraft Adventure Map

Hwd45 has taken childhood, wrapped it up into a ball and shoved it fist first into the minecraft universe with this Sonic the Hedgehog themed minecraft adventure map series that comes with its own texture pack. Actually it comes with three separate texture packs to be used in various places around the map, which shows a real dedication to detail.

If you love nostalgia, large minecraft adventure maps and games that look a lot like other games, then your head is going to go spinning like a little blue hedgehog when you get this map open and start play. It’s actually still in Beta at the time of writing, but there’s more in the beta version of this minecraft map than there are in some complete maps.

The map makes good use of potions to grant abilities that make completing certain sections of the map easier. I like this integration of ‘vanilla’ minecraft features into the sonic experience (although nothing has really felt vanilla in Minecraft since the long lost days of Beta.)

Though it has had a slow start due to the immense amount of work that has gone into it, SonicCraft is probably one of the most exciting maps I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year, it’s not just a gimmicky remake of an old video game, it’s a solid minecraft adventure experience in its own right.

Download SonicCraft Minecraft Adventure Map!

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