Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure

There aren’t many minecraft adventure maps that begin by politely requesting that you immolate yourself, but this is one of them. Secret of the Nether should probably be retitled ‘How The Heck Are You Supposed To Get To The Nether’ though, as very little of the map is actually set there.

There’s a little bit of prison breaking, a fair bit of puzzle solving and more than usual wondering whether you’ve somehow wandered off the path only to discover that you’ve done no such thing. Some of the notes are mislabeled, which adds to the fun, but it’s nothing you can’t work out with a little bit of applied logic.

What I do like about this adventure map is the fact that it is ambitious. Not content to have a main quest line, it also has sidequests. Some of them are interesting diversions from the main story, others are half finished and pointless. It’s up to you to discover which is which!

Those with an explorer’s spirit will be rewarded with upgrades and ghast tears. Remember that wool blocks can and should be broken.

The irritating part of the map is that it is actually a WIP. If it were finished (and if the final stages of the story weren’t completely rage inducing), it might be one to download. As it is, it’s an interesting little map if you feel like wandering around collecting ghast tears. I got 38. How many can you find?

Download Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure Map

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