Mineraft Alien vs Predator Mod | Minecraft Science Fiction Mod

minecraft alien predators

The minecraft alien vs predator mod adds predator mobs, alien mobs and sci fi weapons and armor sets, transforming what was once a world building game into a feast of destruction and body bursting alien fun.

This is the perfect mod for creative players, as there are several new blocks made with the creative player in mind. A whole range of stones, dirts and other decorative blocks. There are numerous metal textures, extractor fans, grates, ceiling vents, new ores including Fragmented Diamond, Silicone and Titanium Ores, which are used in the weapon crafting system. You’ve always wanted a titanium shovel, haven’t you? You can wear your titanium armor whilst you dig your titanium garden.

When you’re done planting space carrots, you can watch Aliens and Predators do battle with one another. Though they are both hostile mobs, they are especially hostile to one another. The mob modelling on the alien mob is absolutely superb, and there has been an awful lot of attention to detail taken to make sure that the alien and predators make the right sort of sounds too.

The alien vs predator mod comes with its own installer, so it is perfect for beginner modders, and it is currently compatible with the latest version of minecraft.

Click here to learn more and download this science fiction minecraft mod!

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