Minecraft Adventure Mode Maps

Minecraft Adventure Mode is a new map type being rolled out in the Minecraft 1.3 update. In Adventure Mode, the player will not be able to break or place blocks including water and lava. The player will be able to use pressure plates and switches and will be able to trade with villager NPCs, but no other interactions with the environment are possible. Whilst explosions will result in blocks that can be picked up, they still can’t be placed. Adventure mode maps may at some point contain explosion controls, so that creepers won’t destroy maps as they currently do.

Minecraft adventure maps have been popular since minecraft map sharing began, but in the past the maps have functioned entirely on an honor system, requiring the player to promise not to place or break blocks. There was a separate Minecraft Adventure Mod called AdventureCraft which once provided the same features as Minecraft Adventure mode. This mod will be obsolete once the Minecraft 1.3 update is released on or around the 1st of August 2012.

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