Me and My Egg, Minecraft Adventure Map

This quirky, deceptively cute minecraft adventure map wins points for an interesting little storyline that finds a hapless newcomer to town who only ever wanted to get a nice house and maybe buy a pet turning into a wanted killer. We’ve all had days like that, right? What starts as a nice enough day quickly turns into a twisted flight for your life. The idyllic small town gives way to dangerous tests of skill and luck that will press you to your very limits as you do your best to escape with your life – and your egg.

The map is split into separate ‘days’ each with their own little sub levels to work through. There’s a nice difficulty curve too, so don’t be put off by the apparent simplicity of the initial stages of play, you’ll get what is coming to you in later levels where the challenge level is GLaDOS worthy. This minecraft map truly has everything, adventure, parkour elements, maze solving, egg protecting, joy and tragedy. (Plus a bonus quiz round!) Definitely a ‘must download’ map for everyone who loves a good minecraft adventure.

Download Me and My Egg Minecraft Adventure Map!

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