How To Ride A Minecraft Pig (With Carrot And Stick)

Minecraft pigs have been rideable with saddles since the very early stages of the game. Even back in beta one could craft a leather saddle, leap on a pig and find oneself being wandered aimlessly about the place. But in the new minecraft one can actually steer minecraft pigs as you ride them using a carrot on a stick.

How To Craft A Pig Saddle

To ride a pig you’re going to need to saddle a pig. Unfortunately, pig saddles aren’t craftable and they’re not going to become craftable either. You can get yourself a pig saddle by trading with a villager, finding one in a dungeon or using the /gamemode command to switch to creative, crib yourself a saddle and switch back before you lose your sense of immersion.

How To Craft A Carrot And Stick For Minecraft Pig Riding

Take one fishing rod and add a carrot. Simple as that!

Be aware of the fact that carrots on sticks don’t last forever, so you’ll have to craft plenty of carrots on sticks if you want to ride your trusty pig steed all o’er the minecraft plains.

(Please note that unless you are using a recent snapshot you won’t be able to steer pigs with carrots on sticks until the next update, when this article will leap into glorious relevance!)

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