How To Put Plants Inside A Sims 3 Greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

The Stone’s Throw Greenhouse introduced a whole new type of building into the Sims 3 – or so we thought. With glass roofs shaped with Edwardian charm and series of windows open ever so slightly ajar to let a little bit of a breeze into the place, it seemed that simmers playing with the Sims 3 Seasons pack would have a place to put their precious plants so that they wouldn’t go dormant over fall and winter.

How To Put Plants In Greenhouses

If you build your own greenhouse using the pieces included in the Stone’s Throw Greenhouse set, you’ll notice that you get an error message when you try to put those plants inside the greenhouse. ‘Must be outside’. There are a couple of ways to get your plants inside. The first is to delete a wall of your greenhouse and move your plants in manually. This will work for existing plants, and you can simply put the wall up later. This will not work for new plants, your sims still won’t be able to plant new plants inside the greenhouse once you put the wall back up. The other option is to use cheats (ctrl + shift + c) and type moveObjects on .This will allow your sims to plant plants inside your greenhouse, but may lead to general weirdness in your game if you enable this option long term.

How To Buy Sims 3 Planters

The third option is to buy planters (they look like large ceramic dishes, and can be found in the DECORATIONS > PLANTS menu of the ‘Buy Mode’. When you use a planter, you can plant plants ‘inside’ so that bypasses the entire issue. It also means that you have a greenhouse full of planters.

Where To Find Greenhouse Roof Pieces

If you’re struggling to build your greenhouse at all, greenhouse roof pieces can be found in the DECOR > ROOF DECORATIONS section of the buy mode. Note that you will need to put a flat roof on top of your greenhouse before you put the roof decorations on, the roof will turn clear and allow you to see through, and the plants inside will be protected from the cold.

a sims 3 greenhouse

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