How To Make A Minecraft Beacon (of Speed, Haste, Armor, Jump, Strength and Health)

diamond beacon range of effect


minecraft beacon crafting recipe

To make a minecraft beacon, you first need to make a beacon from three blocks of obsidian, five blocks of glass and one nether star. You can then place your freshly made beacon on a pyramid made of metal blocks. You can use iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks or diamond blocks. The rarer the blocks you use, the greater the effect of the beacon.

Building the Beacon Pyramid

Your pyramid can be from one to five blocks high. The higher the pyramid, the more effects you can get out of it.



  • A beacon can provide the following effects:
  • A speed boost.
  • A haste boost (mining haste.)
  • An armor rating boost.
  • A jump boost.
  • A strength boost.
  • All minecraft beacons will provide a health boost.

You can select the effect you want your beacon to have simply by pressing the buttons in the interface when you right click on the beacon. A beacon’s effects can be changed by selecting new options. Keep in mind however, the power source that you used to activate the beacon is used when you first activate it, so if you change the function of a beacon you will also need to re-activate and power it up all over again.

How To Tell What A Beacon’s Effect Is:

If you are not sure what a beacon is doing, you can see what effects it is giving you by accessing your inventory when you are in range of the beacon and you will see a note in your inventory mentioning the effect you are experiencing. You will also see boost related particle effects when you are in range.


  • Remember, if your beacon is going to work, there has to be clear sky above it.
  • Your beacon has to be activated with diamond, gold ingots, emerald or iron. An unactivated beacon will not provide any additional effects. So if your beacon seems to be broken, make sure you have right clicked on the shiny beacon top, selected the effects you want the beacon to impart, and power it up.

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