Free Sims 3 Download: Apocalypse Dining Set

There’s been some awesome stuff going up on MTS (Mod the Sims) lately, and the Apocalypse Dining Set by modder Maylin is some of that stuff. A six piece set with six new meshes, including a dining table made out of a rusty oil drum and a battered old door, old tyres and toolboxes for chairs, and a dead plant and dead rat for decoration, this does more for a dreary ambiance in The Sims 3 than setting your sim’s house on fire. This is a very high quality set that I’ve enjoyed playing with a great deal. My basement dungeon finally has furniture that works with it, not against it. The meshes are recolorable, so you can tweak these new objects to just the right shade of despair and misery.

Download Maylin’s Sims 3 Apocalypse Dining Set

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