CivCraft, Minecraft Civilization Mod (Guide + Download)

minecraft civilization mod civcraft

A minecraft civilization mod, CivCraft brings many of Civilization’s mechanics to the world of minecraft, creating a whole new game within the realm we’ve become so familiar with over the years. Forget basic crafting and growing of crops, your time as a subsistence farmer or hunter gatherer is over. With CivCraft Minecraft Mod, it is possible to grow entire kingdoms and civilizations by the blocky sweat of your brow.

minecraft civcraft

How To Start Playing CivCraft

CivCraft begins in a simple enough fashion. You spawn on a map and must begin collecting resources. Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald are all incredibly valuable in CivCraft as they allow you to build new structures, found cities and advance in technology. Much of the fun of CivCraft comes in choosing locations for your civilization and cities. Instead of having a grid system which you fly above, you’re really ‘in’ the civilization, which adds so much to the experience.

A great deal of the CivCraft mod uses what amounts to command block commands, so you’ll have to familiarize yourself with all the commands associated with managing your civilization.

CivCraft Buildings

civcraft buildings guide

Minecraft has always been about building your own buildings however you want to build them. In CivCraft, you’ll need to accumulate enough resources to ‘earn’ your way to a new building. There are many structures to choose from. Farms will allow you to grow wheat and other foodstuffs (nothing will grow outside of farms, so I suggest you start with your farm early.)

As in the original Civilization game, your buildings will be built over time. This means that once you’ve gathered enough resources and chosen the type of building you wish to begin construction on, you can hang about for a bit and watch it come together automagically, as it were.

CivCraft Tech Trees

As any good Civilization mod should, CivCraft comes with its own Tech Trees. In the original Civilization game you would unlock benefits and abilities based on the tech tree you chose and how far you progressed along it. CivCraft is similar. As you gain experience you will be able to progress along your chosen tech tree.

civcraft tech tree guide

Check out the official r/civilizationcraft subreddit and download the mod!

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