Zelda Ballad of the Champions Shrine Solutions

Step 1: Purchase the DLC in hopes that Ballad of the Champions means more than a few short cut scenes which add nothing to the experience of the game whatsoever. (Prepare to be disappointed.)

Step 2: Place the Sheikah slate back in the chamber of resurrection.

Step 3: Scream in horror as the korok trials music starts playing and the game informs you that you’ll be fighting a bunch of enemies who can one shot you. Realize how deeply you’ve been ripped off, betrayed and generally suckered in.

Step 4: Leave the Great Plateau, stock up on ancient arrows and snipe your way through, opening up four more TEDIOUS SHRINES!

Step 5: Complete the four TEDIOUS SHRINES to unlock TWELVE MORE TEDIOUS SHRINES across the world.


Step 7: Coming soon (spoiler: it will be shitty.)

Zelda BOTW: How To Get The Warm Doublet

1. Catch a Hylian Bass in the water near the first tower.
2. Go to the forest and shoot a boar for some fresh meat.
3. Hot peppers can be found near the gate to the icy frozen area.

Combine these three ingredients into a dish for the Old Man, then give it to him. He will give you the doublet in return.

Don’t know how to cook in Zelda? Here’s how to cook in Zelda.

Zelda BOTW: How To Get Through The Water / Ice Temple

Stuck behind the bars with the ice pillar temple? You can use the ice pillar talent not just to raise pillars of ice for their own sake, but you can also raise pillars of ice under other objects. So if you’re stuck at a barred gate, try raising an ice pillar beneath it!

Zelda BOTW: How To Cook

To cook in Zelda, BOTW, open your inventory, select the food item you wish to cook and choose ‘hold’. You can hold up to five items of food. Held food can then be put into a cooking pot (the preferred method of cooking, as it unleashes special effects, which is essential if you want stamina boosts, etc) or simply tossed into a fire to toast or roast. Throwing food into a fire will work if all you want to do is get some health back, but it’s a waste if you want the special cooked effects.

Zelda rewards experimentation, so don’t be afraid to pick up different ingredients and toss them into your cooking pot all together, even if they don’t seem like a natural match. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with various edible items. You can eat anything from acorns to caterpillars.

Where to find cooking pots? Cooking pots can be found at many camp sites (usually infested with Bokoblins) and various other places. The old man on the Grand Plateau keeps several spots open with fires and cooking pots, and often stacks other useful items nearby.

Learning what foods stack which effects is the most important part of cooking.

This eurogamer article has a comprehensive list of all Zelda foods and effects, in ┬áhandy chart form, just like the game didn’t provide!

Zelda Breath of the Wild: How Not To Die of Cold

It’s your first night in Zelda, Breath of the Wild, the temperature is dropping, and you have no idea how to get warm. How do you build a camp fire? How do you craft a torch? Either one will make you warm, but instructions are few and far between in Zelda.

Your first night will be about finding fire. Fire can be found in campsites, under cooking pots, and even in lanterns. You can transfer fire around the place by sticking some wood into it and taking the burning item to a better location. Watch out though, dry grass catches on fire in Zelda, Breath of the Wild, and though it will warm you, it may be to your ultimate detriment.

Alternative means of making fire in Zelda:

  • Find fire arrows, which will set wood on fire when fired at it.
  • Collect flint from ores, drop it on the ground next to a pile of wood or at an un-lit campfire, and strike it with a metal blade.
  • Kill fire jellies and take their fiery innards.
  • Use a torch to carry fire around for portable warmth. Torches are lootable items from camp sites.

Finally, GET THE WARM DOUBLET! Here is how you get the warm doublet from the old man!

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