Tunnels Minecraft Survival Map

You’re underground in some of the largest, most cavernous tunnels known to man and you must survive. You must survive because the alternative is going outside and punching trees outside only leads to bloody knuckles and heartbreak.

There are several dungeons to battle your way through, which is nice and somewhat a little recursive. You’re pretty much in a dungeon already. This is a rather large survival map however, and to be honest, very enjoyable. One spends a great amount of time exploring the great spaces in which lighting glitches abound because minecraft’s engine was never designed with tall ceilings lit with glowstone in mind.

There are lots of useful signs about the place, such as the ‘hit long grass to get seeds’ sign. Quite frankly, if you’re so unaware of the basic mechanics of minecraft that you’ll starve to death without punishing absolutely everything in sight then there’s very little hope for you.

Download Tunnels Minecraft Survival Map

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