Treetop Survival Minecraft Survival Map

In this minecraft map you are Player Steve, an avatar that, having climbed to the top of a tree, has decided to stay there. Some will find this map insanely exciting, others will find it derivative and unworthy of their square spectacles. Either way this is definitely a classic survival style minecraft map.

The idea is simple. Stay at the top of a tree and survive. It’s basically like that time you ran away when you were ten. Except this time you can never leave the tree. Ever. If you try you’ll soon find that it’s trees all the way down, and then the inevitable embrace of the nether.

The starting chest is less than entirely generous, though most people will know what to do with a block of ice, a block of cobblestone, a bucket of lava and a square of grass by now. If you don’t know, just go out into the street and grab any random passerby. Cobblestone generators are the new black this year.

What gets me is the apparent lack of dirt. How is survival supposed to happen with one block of dirt and one block of grass? That’s a problem you’re going to have to solve if you….

Download Treetop Survival Minecraft Survival Map!

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