Top Ten Minecraft Survival Maps Of All Time #10: Ant Farm Survival

It’s just under a month before the Minecraft 1.3 release comes out – a release that will be a game changer with features like Ender Chests, Writeable Books, Tripwires and others. So, with things in a holding pattern until the new release is here, I thought I’d go back and look at the most popular Minecraft Survival Maps to this point in a ten post series. We start today with the tenth most popular minecraft survival map of all time: Ant Farm Survival

There had been gimmicky ‘oh look I’m in an oversized box’ minecraft survival maps before of course, but Ant Farm Survival was different. Not only were you trapped inside a massive minecraft room built to painstaking scale, but the Ant Farm itself was inescapable. The walls, although they appeared to be made of glass are actually retextured bedrock. That means for better or worse, you have to make a go of it inside your narrow but deep ant farm world, which is only nine blocks wide, but hundreds of blocks deep.

The mechanics of surviving in a map that was considerably deeper than it was wide are challenging. Multistory building is a must and the usual ‘free, free as a bird’ feeling that minecraft imparts is completely lost between those unyielding walls where you must face danger and carve out a survival niche of your own. The original Ant Farm Survival has been updated all the way to version four now, so even if you played it once before, you might want to sample the delights of this map that really defined a sub-genre of minecraft survival maps once more.

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