Abandoned Factory, Minecraft Survival Map

Are you ready to kill or be killed? I hope so. A multi-wave combat / attack survival minecraft map download, Abandoned Factory is suitable for single or multiple players. The only requirement is that those who enter the factory are prepared to abandon their hopes and wooden swords in there, for the foes are hardy and the great glowstone counter cares not for who wins and who perishes.

Aside from being a fun minecraft attack map (or ‘Fight Map’ as its creator calls it), this map has some pretty nifty little tricks built into it, first of all there’s the oversized counter that flashes whenever a round is complete. That’s pretty cool and might just distract you long enough to get an arrow in your back if you’re not careful. There’s also a panic button installed, though it has limited uses.

If you die you will respawn outside the factory itself, which isn’t very good for gameplay, but does give you an impressive view of all the redstone circuitry it takes to make something like this work. There’s actually more space taken up by the redstone paths than by the factory itself, so this map represents more than the opportunity to be simultaneously exploded by five creepers, it also presents an opportunity to marvel at the skill of the creator who made it.

The Abandoned Factory is fast paced, pretty challenging even on ‘Easy’ and integrates the latest minecraft technologies. Do you dare download it?

Download The Abandoned Factory Minecraft Survival Attack Map

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