Strange Survival, The ‘No Mining’ Minecraft Survival Map

Imagine surviving in Minecraft without actually doing any mining. Wouldn’t that be strange? This is a minecraft survival map that promotes that very mode of survival. With original survival maps coming few and far between, this is something a little different for minecraft survival fans.

One starts the game in a caverous rectangular space with wind and thunder and lightening pounding and striking outside. The atmosphere is quite nice for an attempt at creating pleasant solitude from bare rock and a couple of chests full of supplies. There’s a whole bunch of cobblestone to work with, 3456 blocks, if my calculations are close to correct. There’s also ten grass blocks, nine more than the survivalist really needs, a whole heap of dirt and eggs with which to spawn ocelots, wolves, pigs, sheep and more. There’s also the usual suspects including seeds and bits of watermelon and whatnot.

This is basically the minecraft survival version of grand designs. You have a space to work with, limited building materials and it is up to you to colonize the vast space and make it somewhat homely without succumbing to hunger or a skeleton or suchlike. Strange Survival is an interesting take on minecraft survival that will greatly appeal to those with creative urges who also like to overcome challenges.

Download Strange Survival Minecraft Survival Map!

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