Slimepocalypse Hard Minecraft Survival Map

Slimepocalypse is a hard mode survival map that will require every little bit of your slime evading skill to finish – or indeed, start. With a rudimentary reward and leveling system, this map isn’t just challenging, it’s also fresh and fun. Like an acne product targeted at teenagers, except with more slime.

I lasted approximately thirty seconds on my first attempt at this world, hence my choice of graphic for representing this map. This map is, in short, hard. If you rush into situations rashly, or if you trust in the powers of a single wooden axe to protect you, you will not last long. You need to think outside the box if you’re going to make it through your first night.

The leveling system runs right up to level 80. After that point you ‘unlock’ a chest containing a bunch of goodies that would have come in handy several hours earlier. In that respect this map emulates some of the greatest RPGs of all time.

You can’t respawn of course, but you can always re-extract the map. Some might call that cheating. I call it the only way to actually play the map. Because it’s hard. Really hard. Did I mention that it’s quite difficult? If the slimes don’t get you, the invading zombies and skeletons (complete with new pathfinding AI that makes it easy for them to walk right into your sanctuary and devour you) will.

Download Slimepocalypse Hard Minecraft Survival Map!

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