Sim City Road Test Traffic Tool

sim city traffic tool

How To Plan Sim City Roads

The problem with Sim City (or one problem with Sim City) is that there is no obvious way to plan roads before you place them. This means you often end up creating an entire city before you realize that you’ve done nothing besides building a traffic track.

This Sim City Road Test tool helps you plan Sim City roads so that you can avoid the dreaded Sim City traffic congestion problems. The Sim City traffic tool allows you to pre-draw roads, complete with ‘sources’ (where traffic will originate from – like a Sim City residential zone) and ‘sinks’ where traffic will head to.

You can use multiple layers to create several roads, creating an overlapping system of traffic as is found in SimCity. All layers share the same traffic, so you’ll get to see how cars will flow once you put your layout into action.

Use the Sim City Road Test Traffic Tool!

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