Sim City Recycling Center ‘No Recyclables’ Production Stopped

If you’re into recycling then you’ve probably tried to deal with your Sim City garbage issues by building a Recycling Center to compliment the exciting work your garbage dump is doing. In theory, a Recycling Center will collect recycling cans from around the city, take them to the facility and turn them into something more useful, like plastics, which can be sold on the Sim City global market for ridiculous amounts of money.

However, you might find that you build a Recycling Center only to recieve a strange error: No Recyclables. Production Stopped.

Recycling Center No Recyclables Production Stopped

If you look in your city’s garbage tab, you’ll see that there are plenty of recyclables yet to be picked up. So what is the problem? Well, first you should check to see that you haven’t lent all your recycling trucks to other cities. You should also check to see that your recycling trucks aren’t stuck in gridlock. If neither of those things have happened, then what you are encountering is the Sim City Recycling Center bug. This is one of many interesting flaws that the game shipped with.

How To Fix The No Recyclables Bug

Unfortunately, the only way to fix a bugged Recycling Center at this stage of the game is to demolish it and re-build it. This is a very expensive option, as the Recycling Center costs 111,000 simoleons to build. Let us join hands in the spirit of irritation and hope that this bug is fixed soon.

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