Sim City 5 Traffic Guide | How To Choose What Sim City Street To Use

This is a guide on how to use the different roads in Sim City 5. It explains how the Sim City traffic system works, helps you plan street layouts and also provides additional information on street and intersection types to fix Sim City congestion issues.

Sim City Street Densities

Sim City dirt roads are the lowest on the
totem pole. When they intersect any other road type, all traffic on the dirt road must give way to traffic on the higher density road. This is true of all roads in sim city, if roads of different densities intersect, then the traffic on the higher density road takes priority.

Sim City Dirt Roads Create Ground Pollution

Dirt roads also create pollution. They do this because sewage pumped along a dirt road seeps out of the unsealed surface. This means any houses placed along a Sim City dirt road will effectively spew raw sewage day and night.

Avenues and High Density Streets

Both avenues and high density streets use traffic lights. All other (lesser) road types use stop signs.

High Density Streetcar Avenues

The largest avenues with the highest cost, streetcar avenues can wreak havoc on your traffic system by blocking other major avenue intersections. Streetcar avenues take priority over

Zone Placement Tips

It is a good idea to keep school and commercial zones on opposite sides of the city to diminish traffic flow. If school and commercial and retail zones are clustered together away from housing, you will have more traffic issues than usual.

Sim City Three Way Intersections

Three way intersections are a good way to minimize stopping disruptions. Instead of having a four way stop, use a three way where possible. A three way intersection will not disrupt the flow of traffic by forcing stops for traffic going straight through, whereas a four way stop stops traffic in all directions.

Sim City Streets Ahead

Cars travelling on streets can turn left or right to reach a property (house, business, school, work, what have you) at any time. Cars travelling on avenues will have to travel up to the nearest intersection and then U turn. For that reason, streets are often streets ahead for easing traffic flow.

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