Good News! Broken Sim City Traffic To Be Fixed

sim city garbage truck conga line

As I sit here watching four garbage trucks form a painfully slow convoy around my city picking up one garbage can at a time, I am pleased to both read and announce that Maxis have acknowledged the issues with the Sim City traffic AI (the main problem being that there is none) and intend to fix it. Sim City scripter Guillaume Pierre has acknowledged that:

Another problem is that, well, all the vehicles that are in the same area and want to go to the same destination type will all follow the same path, resulting in clumping and general traffic problems. We’re looking into various ways to improve the situation so traffic will spread out better.


This means that players may soon look forward to police cars that don’t all converge on the same crime, fire engines that don’t look at the tail lights of the engine in front of them whilst the rest of the city burns and garbage trucks that don’t do a wonderful impression of a Conga team hoping to get to regionals.

Picky nitpickers might argue that this is a glitch that should have been fixed prior to release, but this is a brave new world of gaming, a world in which games are released half baked and further fired in the blazing hot wrath of people who bought them.

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