Platforms, Minecraft Survival Map

Platforms is a minecraft survival map with a simple premise. Everything floats. Everything floats up here. It floats in square platforms which require supreme navigation skills in the form of single lane bridge building.

The problem with this map is the fact that every single platform is but a single brick thick, which means you’re knocking 90% of them into the void when you break them, which is a little tedious. A lot tedious. There has to be a better way to do this.

For best effect, think of this map as a sort of ‘build your own survival map’ challenge. All the materials you need are scattered about the platforms, all you have to do is collect them and then recombine them into something a little larger, a little more like home.

Are there challenges? Of course there are, mostly map specific challenges too, which I like. None of these senseless minecraft survival map challenges where nothing means anything. These are challenges that all relate to the fact that you’re madly leaping from platform to platform acting on behalf of the forces of gravity.

Click here to download Platforms, Minecraft survival map!

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