Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure

There aren’t many minecraft adventure maps that begin by politely requesting that you immolate yourself, but this is one of them. Secret of the Nether should probably be retitled ‘How The Heck Are You Supposed To Get To The Nether’ though, as very little of the map is actually set there.

There’s a little bit of prison breaking, a fair bit of puzzle solving and more than usual wondering whether you’ve somehow wandered off the path only to discover that you’ve done no such thing. Some of the notes are mislabeled, which adds to the fun, but it’s nothing you can’t work out with a little bit of applied logic.

What I do like about this adventure map is the fact that it is ambitious. Not content to have a main quest line, it also has sidequests. Some of them are interesting diversions from the main story, others are half finished and pointless. It’s up to you to discover which is which!

Those with an explorer’s spirit will be rewarded with upgrades and ghast tears. Remember that wool blocks can and should be broken.

The irritating part of the map is that it is actually a WIP. If it were finished (and if the final stages of the story weren’t completely rage inducing), it might be one to download. As it is, it’s an interesting little map if you feel like wandering around collecting ghast tears. I got 38. How many can you find?

Download Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure Map

Minecraft Rideable Dragon Mounts

Ever wished you could actually ride an Ender Dragon outside the nether? Now you can! The rideable dragon mount mod allows you to use the Dragon Egg item to spawn a rideable dragon!

How To Ride A Minecraft Dragon

Step One: Place a dragon egg on the ground. Dragon eggs can be found in creative mode or edited into the game via an inventory editing program like INVEdit or Too Many Items.

Step Two: Right click on the dragon egg whilst holding a saddle. This will spawn a dragon and you will be riding it!

How To Make A Minecraft Dragon Breathe Fire

Feed your dragon with blaze powder to enable its fire breath ability. The ability only lasts five seconds, so keep a store of blaze powder handy if you think you’re going to be razing a lot of villages to the ground.

How To Heal an Injured Minecraft Dragon

When your dragon is injured or hurt, it will lower its head. (The same way dogs lower their tails.) To heal your minecraft dragon, you will need to feed it.

Minecraft dragons like raw foods. Feed raw chicken, fish , pork or beef for five hearts of healing damage. Rotten flesh will heal your dragon for two hearts of damage.

Download Rideable Minecraft Dragons!

Eldaria Island Minecraft Survival Map

A minecraft survival map with amazing scope, Eldaria Island is a very large survival map encompassing unique biomes, a custom nether and a true survival experience that is not limited to a box or an island in the sky but which extends for thousands of blocks in every direction.

This is the sort of survival map that will require multiple bases, a great deal of travel by boat and foot and the spark of adventure that lives inside those who are true explorers. This is one map that must be played to be understood. Whether you make your home in a lofty treetop or at the top of a massive desert mountain, it will be many hours before you tire of the spectacular terrain.

There is also the option to download the map in creative and hard mode versions, so players who want to either explore at speed or grind their way through the terrain at a more dangerous pace can do that if they want to.

Download Eldaria Island Minecraft Survival Map

Minecraft Egypt Nile Delta Map Download

This minecraft map download encompasses the entire Nile delta, which is a significant amount of land. This is one of the biggest desert map downloads out there and though it is not a survival map or an adventure map or any other kind of minecraft map besides one that can be built on, it is quite an impressive sight and stretches for many, many miles. Though the map is provided in creative mode, you can easily use a program like MCEdit to change it to survival mode if you want to found your own civilization. You can also use this map on a multiplayer server, where you and your friends can enjoy all the fun of sweltering in the desert heat.

Download the Minecraft Nile Delta Map

Golem Pusher Minecraft Map Download

Seth Bling has done it again! This downloadable minecraft world incorporates an arcade game that gives you the opportunity to turn steel into diamonds. How can that be possible? Is it some kind of dark alchemy? No, it is simply the machinations of a mechanical mind at play.

The premise of Golem Pusher is simple. You climb on up to the top of the game and build yourself an Iron Golem. That Golem drops into the pool of Golems below. Because Golems don’t move very well (or almost at all in water), they need some force to move them around. The force of your Golem joining the pile of existing Golems might just be enough to push an existing golem into the pit, which triggers the reward.

This is a perfect game that can be edited into minecraft multiplayer server maps or even added to your own single player world with a tool like MCEdit.

Download Golem Pusher Arcade Game Minecraft World Download by Seth Bling!

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