Volcanic Minecraft Survival Island Map

A volcanic island full of surprises, Monte Major is a minecraft survival island map with style. The volcano that dominates the center of the island is an impressive sight, especially when you step up to the crater and see the red hot lava bubbling far below. At that point you might very well feel the call of the void, but do stash your valuables before you respond as the outcome is unlikely to be positive. (And when I say unlikely, I mean I tested it twice for science, and it didn’t turn out well at all.)

This isn’t what I’d call a challenging survival map because there aren’t any restrictions (space restrictions, item restrictions, or other factors specifically included in the map to make your life more difficult) it’s more of a a survival challenge taking place on terrain you just won’t find in a generic minecraft spawn. Much of the island is covered in thick jungle, though there are parts of it where sparse pine trees tower skywards and where streams flow and apple trees blossom. Sometimes you’ll find a pig stuck in a tree, like a fly in a venus fly trap.

In addition to the wonderful terrain, there are two custom dungeons you can pit your skills against. Players who play this map on anything other than peaceful are going to find the battle to subdue the hostile monsters of the island a hard fought one.

Those daring to explore the deep reaches of the volcano will be handsomely rewarded, as with those who simply wander about the place poking their noses where they may or may not belong. For a beautiful survival experience, you really should:

Download Monte Major, Minecraft Volcano Island Survival Map

Wealth of the World Minecraft Adventure / Survival / CTM Map

Giant. Diamond. Creepers. Three worlds that should get your pulse racing, your stomach churning and your palms sweating. Wealth of the World is the sort of minecraft map download that legends are made of, it gives you the leeway to be who you really are whilst constantly tickling your funny bone and setting challenges that you can’t wait to rise to.

Most CTM maps involve grubbing about the place for some colored wool, but Wealth of the World takes a different approach. Instead of wool, you must offer animal eggs to appease giant diamond creepers who wish to cook them. It makes about as much sense as anything else does in minecraft, so I’m all for it.

I also like the way the map is designed to be played on peaceful. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to complete goals whilst being sniped by a jumpy skeleton.

The survival part comes in where you have to cut down trees to create tools and all that sort of thing. This is a map that actually lets you play minecraft whilst you play the map, unlike other similar maps that forbid the breaking of blocks. I bite my thumb at them.

Wealth of the World comes with the PigCraft texture pack by the same creator. I tried playing with it but didn’t find that it really added a whole lot to the experience. No matter how many people try to ‘improve’ the mineral textures, the default texture pack really does seem to have them beat at the outset. Because they don’t really matter, precious minerals are scattered all over the map, there are diamonds for everyone!

This is definitely a special map, one that survival and adventure players will both enjoy. The CTM mechanic fits in neatly and isn’t there only to compensate for the otherwise meaningless nature of the map. (That is to say, this map has some kind of inherent merit.)

Ah, that’s enough words. Go download it and play it! Collect those eggs and sacrifice them to the creeper gods!

Download Wealth of the World Adventure / Survival / CTM Map

Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure

There aren’t many minecraft adventure maps that begin by politely requesting that you immolate yourself, but this is one of them. Secret of the Nether should probably be retitled ‘How The Heck Are You Supposed To Get To The Nether’ though, as very little of the map is actually set there.

There’s a little bit of prison breaking, a fair bit of puzzle solving and more than usual wondering whether you’ve somehow wandered off the path only to discover that you’ve done no such thing. Some of the notes are mislabeled, which adds to the fun, but it’s nothing you can’t work out with a little bit of applied logic.

What I do like about this adventure map is the fact that it is ambitious. Not content to have a main quest line, it also has sidequests. Some of them are interesting diversions from the main story, others are half finished and pointless. It’s up to you to discover which is which!

Those with an explorer’s spirit will be rewarded with upgrades and ghast tears. Remember that wool blocks can and should be broken.

The irritating part of the map is that it is actually a WIP. If it were finished (and if the final stages of the story weren’t completely rage inducing), it might be one to download. As it is, it’s an interesting little map if you feel like wandering around collecting ghast tears. I got 38. How many can you find?

Download Secret of the Nether Minecraft Adventure Map

Minecraft Rideable Dragon Mounts

Ever wished you could actually ride an Ender Dragon outside the nether? Now you can! The rideable dragon mount mod allows you to use the Dragon Egg item to spawn a rideable dragon!

How To Ride A Minecraft Dragon

Step One: Place a dragon egg on the ground. Dragon eggs can be found in creative mode or edited into the game via an inventory editing program like INVEdit or Too Many Items.

Step Two: Right click on the dragon egg whilst holding a saddle. This will spawn a dragon and you will be riding it!

How To Make A Minecraft Dragon Breathe Fire

Feed your dragon with blaze powder to enable its fire breath ability. The ability only lasts five seconds, so keep a store of blaze powder handy if you think you’re going to be razing a lot of villages to the ground.

How To Heal an Injured Minecraft Dragon

When your dragon is injured or hurt, it will lower its head. (The same way dogs lower their tails.) To heal your minecraft dragon, you will need to feed it.

Minecraft dragons like raw foods. Feed raw chicken, fish , pork or beef for five hearts of healing damage. Rotten flesh will heal your dragon for two hearts of damage.

Download Rideable Minecraft Dragons!

Eldaria Island Minecraft Survival Map

A minecraft survival map with amazing scope, Eldaria Island is a very large survival map encompassing unique biomes, a custom nether and a true survival experience that is not limited to a box or an island in the sky but which extends for thousands of blocks in every direction.

This is the sort of survival map that will require multiple bases, a great deal of travel by boat and foot and the spark of adventure that lives inside those who are true explorers. This is one map that must be played to be understood. Whether you make your home in a lofty treetop or at the top of a massive desert mountain, it will be many hours before you tire of the spectacular terrain.

There is also the option to download the map in creative and hard mode versions, so players who want to either explore at speed or grind their way through the terrain at a more dangerous pace can do that if they want to.

Download Eldaria Island Minecraft Survival Map

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