Fish Tank Survival Minecraft Map

I love survival maps where I get to live in a tank or enclosure of some kind. Like Ant Farm Survival, for instance. They just feel cozy. This one’s a little watery to be entirely comfortable.

How did you end up in a fish tank? A giant put you in there of course. He wants you to do chores. I love the idea of a mentally inept giant who shoves you into a bowl filled with water and tells you to get to work, it’s darkly charming.

Fortunately for all concerned there are pockets of air in the fish bowl, otherwise this would be a very short lived minecraft map indeed.

Navigating this map is a challenge that I think a lot of minecraft survival map afficianados will really enjoy. This map is difficult because you have to keep oxygen supply in mind whilst dawdling about the place. Getting off track in your mission will lead to a swift and punishing demise with a lot of punching sounds for added effect.

Escaping the tank isn’t all that hard, but there is very little point in doing so as the map has been created in Flatland mode, so you’re leaping out of the frying pan and into the perfectly plain terrain with nothing but dirt and grass to comfort yourself with.

There are plenty of challenges for people who like that sort of thing to complete and more wild and wooly types can occupy themselves with the task of making a big tank of water their home.

Download Fish Tank Survival Minecraft Map!

Assassination, Minecraft Parkour Map

Assassination is a high stakes, high rise adventure parkour map based loosely on Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge and other games in which people hurl themselves off tall things and destroy their enemies. I love this map, from the moment you open the first chest and read the ‘map’ that is nothingh but eye rending red text that threatens to blind you where you sit, it’s full on. I’d love to tell you what the opening text is, but my retinas started bleeding three lines in.

There’s a lot to love about this map, first of all it’s an incredibly complex build, which means a lot of scope for exploration. Unlike other parkour maps that sort of hem you into a linear style of play, you can wander and run and jump all over the place in this minecraft map, exploring air vents, running through city streets and punching in plant holders. There are dead ends, so be prepared to break things you probably shouldn’t be breaking. Technically that’s against the rules, but I ain’t no rat in a cage and neither are you.

Those who enjoy adventure storylines will find entertainment as they attempt to achieve the adventure goal. I’m being vague because I was not worthy to unravel it because my eyes were weak. Pray that yours are not.

Assassination is more than multiplayer capable so if you have some friends, why not upload it to a server and see if you can’t push one another onto the roads of doom. (Once you hit the road, you’re stuck.)

Download Assassination Minecraft Parkour / Adventure Map

Demon Lands Minecraft Survival Map

The Demon Lands are not a pleasant place. You’ll spawn to discover a harsh, barren landscape punctuated by yawning caverns that wind deep below the surface.

Some minecraft survival maps are difficult because of limited space, some are difficult because of limited resoures and some are difficult because the very land itself seems to want to hurt you. Demon Lands is the last of these kinds of maps.

Resources are not too difficult to come by, at least the type of resources you dig out of the ground. Coal, cobblestone and even iron are relatively easily found. So is wood thanks to the vast pine planation – evidently a work of more organized, environmentally minded demons. Grass is at a premium however – probably because it would only take a single block to start the transformation from land of deamons to land of pretty rolling meadows.

The map is large, but in the same way a day seems long when you’re listening to a lecture on the origins of the word ‘drab’. Far from making survival easy, the scale of the map creates a kind of dull tedium which the player must overcome.

Surviving in the deamon lands isn’t just about trying to get a cow to spawn (though I wish you the best of luck with that). It’s about overcoming the deamons in your very mind.

Download Demon Lands Minecraft Survival Map

Zombie Survival Minecraft Map

Zombie Survival is a map with a simple premise.You’re stuck in a house with zombies. A lot of zombies. So there we go. You can try to survive, or try to be eaten. Either way you’re going to have a whole lot of fun hacking, slashing and screaming your way through waves of zombies, skeletons and spiders – because no day is complete without some jerk levitating through an open window and trying to end you.

In the tradition of many great horror movies, you could avoid the zombie onslaught by just leaving the house, but you’re not going to do that because that would spoil all the fun. And because you can’t. More on that later. You’re asked to play on ‘Hard’ mode because the creators feed on your screams and because that way the zombies can break down the doors you’re trying to hide behind.

Rewards are few and far between, but if you’re quick enough to collect the XP points dropped by the mobs you’ve killed then you might just be able to enchant your weapons. Do you enchant early and use low level power to grind away at your assailants? Or do you save up the enchants and use them when you really need them for the end? You decide. You’re also awarded a diamond at the end of every round, so that should help keep your spirits up.

A word of advice, press the ‘spawn’ and ‘start’ levers before you enter the house, it’s pretty much impossible to get out of the house through the doors once you enter because it turns out that you live in the house equivalent of a Chinese finger trap.

Download Zombie Survival Minecraft Map!

Download Evil Minecraft Mod v0.66

Evil Minecraft is probably, and when I say probably, I mean definitely the most long anticipated minecraft mod of all time. The premise of the mod is simple: it takes ordinary minecraft and makes it evil. Because of the sheer number of changes introduced in the Evil Minecraft Mod, Evil Minecraft is almost less of a mod and more of a rebuild of minecraft as we know it.

Here are some of the changes:

Minecraft Player Races

Simple Steve has been replace with several different races – which means you can now play Minecraft as a Testificate.Each race has it’s own bonuses and drawbacks. A halfling, for instance, moves at a massive 1.1 times the normal speed. (That’s a .1 increase!) An orc, on the other hand, is hated by Iron Golems and will be attacked on sight, but is a faster miner and can both take and deal more melee damage. Swings and roundabouts and all that sort of thing.

Updated Biomes

Naturally occurring half-blocks make running from one place to another easier than ever before. Jungle and snow biomes have been updated significantly. Trees caught in ice biomes become blue and frozen and look awesome. Be careful on cracked ice, it might just break underneath your weight and send you to a watery doom! Grass grows tall and thick in jungle biomes, slowing you down and putting you at risk for things that go boom and hiss and bite.

Abandoned Houses

These decrepit old shacks contain abandoned treasures – and surprises for the unwary traveller who is a little to heavy on their feet.

New Minecraft Mobs!

So many new mobs. Most of them deadly. Some of them super deadly. Mo mobs, mo problems. The new ‘Zero’ hostile ice mob shoots icy bolts guarateed you make you bleed your own blood.

New Block Breaking Mechanics and Animations

In default minecraft you have to finish breaking a block for it to actually stay broken. In Evil Minecraft, blocks save their state changes as they are broken, which means you can stop breaking a block halfway through and the cracked block will sit tight, waiting for you to return to destroy it entirely. Or not.

Why don’t you take a seat over there – minecraft chairs!

Evil Minecraft has bought chairs to the world of minecraft. In this screenshot, you could be sitting on one of two chairs whilst eating a beef sandwhich whilst admiring a diamond in a display case and waiting to open your present.

Minecraft Display Cases

Display anything from a precious diamond to a pork sandwhich in the new display case.

New Minecraft Armor and Weapons!

The evil Minecraft mod adds plate armor to the game. Plate armor is green. There’s also Firestone armor (red) and Ender Dragon armor (black.)
Torches Burn Out!

Notch always intended for torches (the long brown things you can stick into walls or the ground) to burn out, but such was the player outrage that they never implemented the change. Evil Minecraft doesn’t care if you’re enraged. Torches must be lit with a lighter and will burn out after a period of time. If you want a torch that lasts forever, glowstone torches have been added. Glowstone torches never burn out, but you’ll have to visit the nether to get them.


Like little mini dungeons spawning above the surface of the ground, graveyards are the natural home for violent zombies, but they may also hold more than the remains of the dead, they may contain treasure. You do want treasure, don’t you?


Glug. Glug.

Other additions to the game include:

Blood spatters!

Locked (and lockable) chests.
A coin system.
Decorative blocks that can be placed other blocks for that homely ‘sheet rock’ feel.


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