The Forgotten Land Minecraft Survival Map

This massive minecraft survival map contains six custom made dungeons and an epic sweeping landscape that will bring tears to your eyes. This is more of a minecraft continent survival map than a minecraft island survival map. Every inch of the forgotten land, or chunk as it were, has been handcrafted. The result is a custom built minecraft map where the terrain itself is part of the adventure.

With breathtaking mountain ranges and smaller details like rural lakes set amidst grasslands, The Forgotten Land isn’t a survival map you’re going to build a cobblestone generator on and quit, it’s a map you’re quite possibly going to want to live in for quite some time.

This land, although forgotten, positively teems with life and possibilities. You could become an old mountain hermit, or found a great city of villagers and Iron Golems in these pristine lands.

Even the simple act of traversing and circumnavigating the map is a survival adventure in its own right, because the map is so large that it will be many, many days before you see a significant portion of the lands you have laid claim to.

This is an exceptional minecraft map, perfect for survivalists, explorers and people who just don’t feel right unless they’re breaking new ground.

Click here to download The Forgotten Land Minecraft Survival / Adventure Map!

Athelarum Caverns, Minecraft Survival Map

Athelarum Caverns is a minecraft map that falls between two stools and drags you down with it. That was a compliment. I have to admit that I spent an inordinate amount of time tip toeing around this map reluctant to break anything until I realized it was a survival map and I could actually destroy and rebuild as I saw fit.

It’s also a Complete The Monument map. I found no wool in my time playing it, but I did find 64 jackolanterns so that was nice. I suppose you could say that this is a hard map, that taken into consideration. In some cases you only have one opportunity to collect wool before it is destroyed. This means that your odds of actually completing the monument are pretty low.

On the bright side, there’s an awful lot of trying to find saplings and wood to entertain you and if you can find some dirt to grow food on you’ll be doing pretty well. I’d say for best results, ignore the monument and concentrate on trying to stay alive for more than one minecraft week with no bread or animals to satisfy your hunger. I hope you like the taste of rotting flesh, because zombies are about the only thing on the menu.

Download Athelarum Caverns, Minecraft Survival / CTM Map

Treetop Survival Minecraft Survival Map

In this minecraft map you are Player Steve, an avatar that, having climbed to the top of a tree, has decided to stay there. Some will find this map insanely exciting, others will find it derivative and unworthy of their square spectacles. Either way this is definitely a classic survival style minecraft map.

The idea is simple. Stay at the top of a tree and survive. It’s basically like that time you ran away when you were ten. Except this time you can never leave the tree. Ever. If you try you’ll soon find that it’s trees all the way down, and then the inevitable embrace of the nether.

The starting chest is less than entirely generous, though most people will know what to do with a block of ice, a block of cobblestone, a bucket of lava and a square of grass by now. If you don’t know, just go out into the street and grab any random passerby. Cobblestone generators are the new black this year.

What gets me is the apparent lack of dirt. How is survival supposed to happen with one block of dirt and one block of grass? That’s a problem you’re going to have to solve if you….

Download Treetop Survival Minecraft Survival Map!

Sherlock Holmes and the Blocky Conspiracy Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map Download

I love me a little Sherlock Holmes I do. A little Victorian flavor always makes the vagaries of modern day life a little more bearable. Even if you only open this map and wander around it for a bit without reading any of the clues, solving any off the puzzles or indulging in any adventure whatsoever it will be worth it. The representation of Victorian London alone justifies the download.

If you do delve into the story, you’ll be delighted by the creative touches put in place by the author of this tale, a man who has no qualms about doing a British accent with the enthusiasm only a citizen of an ex colony can muster. In addition to the usual notes and signs there is also a full set of video cut scenes to feast your eyes and ears upon.

This is a wonderful minecraft adventure / puzzle map, with a great deal of attention to detail. The creator has gone quite out of their way to immerse you in the mystery of the Blocky Conspiracy. Now it is up to you to prove yourself worthy of the mantle of Holmes.

Download Sherlock Holmes and the Blocky Conspiracy Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map!

SonicCraft Minecraft Adventure Map

Hwd45 has taken childhood, wrapped it up into a ball and shoved it fist first into the minecraft universe with this Sonic the Hedgehog themed minecraft adventure map series that comes with its own texture pack. Actually it comes with three separate texture packs to be used in various places around the map, which shows a real dedication to detail.

If you love nostalgia, large minecraft adventure maps and games that look a lot like other games, then your head is going to go spinning like a little blue hedgehog when you get this map open and start play. It’s actually still in Beta at the time of writing, but there’s more in the beta version of this minecraft map than there are in some complete maps.

The map makes good use of potions to grant abilities that make completing certain sections of the map easier. I like this integration of ‘vanilla’ minecraft features into the sonic experience (although nothing has really felt vanilla in Minecraft since the long lost days of Beta.)

Though it has had a slow start due to the immense amount of work that has gone into it, SonicCraft is probably one of the most exciting maps I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year, it’s not just a gimmicky remake of an old video game, it’s a solid minecraft adventure experience in its own right.

Download SonicCraft Minecraft Adventure Map!

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