Destiny, Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map

I really rather like the name of this minecraft map download, Destiny. It’s like when you call your dog something like ‘Mike’. Then you can yell things like ‘hurry up and take a dump, Mike’ or ‘stop humping the guests, Mike.

Destiny comes with it’s own texture pack. (A modified Doku pack.) Destiny tends to hold your hand throughout your adventures. Destiny is your constant companion, your friend and ultimately the cause of your demise. Destiny is forever alone. But Destiny is also horribly cliched in some respects, you spawn in confusion, as in so many minecraft maps. Are we truly to believe that the only way to begin a minecraft map is in a bizarre state of partial amnesia? Surely Destiny could do better than that.

Destiny has continuous narration provided through signs, which I rather like. It’s much better than reading through tedious text documents. So double points for destiny there.

Destiny thinks that the primary use for cookies is DNA testing.

In many respects, Destiny is a bit like a game of golf, a nice stroll through a pretty landscape.

Destiny is sometimes confusing. The beginning of the adventure is deliberately obfuscated from the player with numerous ‘false starts’ that make one wonder if one is actually playing the map yet or not.

Destiny makes you question your sanity a little more than is probably good for you.

Destiny has a storyline that keeps you guessing and puzzles that will make you scratch your head whilst you guess. So basically, it’s a one size fits all minecraft wash for your brain. By the time you are done with this map you will not only be satisfied, but possibly a little wiser than you were when you began play.

Download Destiny, Minecraft Puzzle Adventure Map!

Melon Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

Here’s hoping you like melon. Because Melon Survival is a minecraft survival map with a whole lot of melons. In some respects, one could say that it is entirely made of melons. Actually, in almost all respects one could say that.

Interestingly enough the map maker decided to put most of the useful-ish resources fairly near the spawn point, just in case your search skills involve sitting and spawn and calling out like a baby bird having fallen out of the nest.

some animals are in evidence, though I’m not sure at the time of writing if this is because of hidden dirt (let’s hope so), or because the map maker left them there, like relics of a time gone by. I suspect so, as I also came across a pit of dogs. Was that a spoiler? Hardly, you would have found it yourself if you bothered to walk around the map once.

Basic survival skills are going to be essential if you hope to survive. By that I mean you’re going to have to work out how to get by without anything but melon to eat. Be careful where you dig, because you’ll have to be able to step ladder yourself back out. And watch out for your blood sugar levels.

Download Melon Survival, Minecraft Survival Map!

Me and My Egg, Minecraft Adventure Map

This quirky, deceptively cute minecraft adventure map wins points for an interesting little storyline that finds a hapless newcomer to town who only ever wanted to get a nice house and maybe buy a pet turning into a wanted killer. We’ve all had days like that, right? What starts as a nice enough day quickly turns into a twisted flight for your life. The idyllic small town gives way to dangerous tests of skill and luck that will press you to your very limits as you do your best to escape with your life – and your egg.

The map is split into separate ‘days’ each with their own little sub levels to work through. There’s a nice difficulty curve too, so don’t be put off by the apparent simplicity of the initial stages of play, you’ll get what is coming to you in later levels where the challenge level is GLaDOS worthy. This minecraft map truly has everything, adventure, parkour elements, maze solving, egg protecting, joy and tragedy. (Plus a bonus quiz round!) Definitely a ‘must download’ map for everyone who loves a good minecraft adventure.

Download Me and My Egg Minecraft Adventure Map!

Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Game

This minecraft fight map reminded me of a WoW or RPG style boss fight. Specifically, you’re trying to damage the boss whilst minions come at you in constant flows. It’s surprisingly hard to send arrows into a giant mooshroom’s face whilst zombies gently nudge you into lava. Subsequently, even on the easy setting, your view often ends up being more like the one pictured below than above.

This is a great, fun minecraft map. I wish we had a proper name for this genre of maps, we’ve called them attack maps, combat maps, game maps. This one is mostly a minecraft ‘argh I’m on fire’ map. It’s good for up to two players, so if you can find a friend to play with you, do that. As the old adage goes, hordes of zombies shared are hordes of zombies halved.

Download Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Survival Attack Argh On Fire Map!

Minecraft Over-Engineering Smoothstone Generators World Download

Beautiful aren’t they? These mandalas of redstone construction are smoothstone generators capable of output so fast it will cause minecraft to lag, then cry softly into its mushroom soup. Watch the video to gain a new appreciation for the power of redstone.

Stone generators capable of generating 6,000 smoothstone blocks in a minute? No problem! Minecraft Over-Engineering is an amazing You Tube series that not only pushes the limits of what can be done in minecraft, but provides some pretty handy tutorials for the average player who wants something a little less manic. You can download the world file for the video you see above and play with these generators yourself, from the simple single column smoothstone generator to the behemoths you see at the end of the video.

Download St3venAU’s Stone Generator World Save File

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