Skyring Minecraft Survival Map

It’s a long way down when you spawn in the void of the sky, Skyring is a Skyblock inspired map with several differences that make it quite an entertaining minecraft survival challenge. One spawns at the very top of the concentric sky rings, with one block of water which serves as a four pronged elevator through the various biomes available on the skyring ,a bed and trees growing up from below on four sides.

Each ring of the skyring map represents a mini version of a biome. There is a desert ring, a jungle ring, a forest ring, a snow ring, you get the general idea. There is even a farm ring, where the very small space has been engineered to hold an ark number of important animals.

One must be careful when taking advantage of the apparent convenience that is the water elevator, for drowning is the least of your worries. Once you sink too far, a cold death in the void is the only hope for you.

In addition to the rings, there is a dungeon type structure known only as ‘Nether Tower’ floating off the coast, as it were, of the Skyring. This provides a strong survival goal, a reason for navigating all those rings. But be sure not to approach the Nether Tower before you have crafted yourself sufficient protections – for the mobs that lurk in that fire proof structure will singe you to an inch of your digital life.

Download Skyring Minecraft Survival Map

Saw, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map

Saw is a minecraft map based on the Saw movies. there aren’t a whole lot of minecraft maps that impart what I would call a deep sense of psychological tension, perhaps even terror, but this is one of them. From portal skipping trips through time and space to strange rooms where the lights flicker on and off at unsettlingly random intervals, Saw is a minecraft survival adventure map that will not only test your minecraft skills to their very limits, but scare the heck out of you along the way.

This map is not content with tormenting you by inflicting suffering on you alone, at various stages your actions will bode ill for innocents around you. Jigsaw has little mercy for anyone, least of all you, Steve.

Most minecraft maps can be overcome by quick thinking, quick acting and a decent working knowledge of the sprint button, but this Saw minecraft map often puts you in apparently impossible situations, which quickly turn out to be actual impossible situations. Luck and the ability to restart the map from scratch are the only things that will save you. Seriously, if you die, don’t even bother respawning, just delete and re-extract the map. Keep the .zip file around, you’re going to need it.

Download Saw, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map!

Bird Cage Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

In the tradition of the Ant Farm Minecraft Survival Map and the Fish Tank Minecraft Survival Map comes Bird Cage Survival, a minecraft survival map requiring vertically oriented survival skills. This dense and action packed map is full of challenges and choc a block full of rewards.

the main object of the map is simple: escape. It is easy to fit between the bars of your cage and make an escape, not that escaping by the direct route will do you any good because you’ll end up falling to your doom. To properly escape the cage, you must visit The End and slay the dragon that lives there.

A fun little survival map with much more scope than one might at first expect, Bird Cage Survival comes with its own texture pack. It is advisable to use it as the map may not render properly or with any measure of sense if one doesn’t.

Download Bird Cage Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

Minecart Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

You’ve survived in an Ant Farm, you’ve survived in a Fish Tank, you’ve even survived in a Hamster Cage – but now it is time to survive in a minecart. That’s right, it’s the newest iteration of one of the oldest minecraft survival themes.

Of course, this isn’t all about survival in a gimmicky landscape, remember that tiny pharoh buried in a minecart? That guy? Yeah, well if you play Minecart Survival, you’ll get to unearth him. Pretty sweet.

None of this makes any sense of course, but then again, trying to survive inside a giant minecraft makes very little sense on its own. Looking for sense in these things is like looking for pigs on mars.

There are lots of challenges for people who like minecraft survival challenges and there’s a nice nether portal to complete so you can escape into the dimension of firey things on fire that set you on fire and shoot fire at you whilst they’re on fire.

Download Minecart Survival, Minecraft Survival Map!

Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

Clueless is a minecraft puzzle map with a difference. The difference being that there are no clues* and it is up to you to work out how on earth you’re supposed to get out of the place you find yourself stuck in. Hordes of puzzles stand between you and a certain sense of freedom. Okay not hordes, but you will wish for hordes when you find yourself confronted by these machinations of an evil mind. Some of them are traditional minecraft jump style puzzles, others involve the use of sound and a plethora of redstone. My only real complaint with this map is that some of the puzzles are really quite hard. But that’s a good thing if you’re the sort of person who enjoys wanting to slam their forehead against their keyboard until something is solved. I, for one, found the experience of standing in front of a wall of obsidian pressing buttons and listening for the precise note emanating from a nearby block to be quite a fascinating experience.

Download Clueless, Minecraft Puzzle Map!

(*The complete lack of clues quickly turns out to be an exaggeration. There are some clues hidden hither and thither, so that’s nice.)

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