Survival In A Bottle, Minecraft Survival Map

Do you like enclosed spaces? Do you like to be cozy inside a thick green glass interior? If so, this bottle survival minecraft map is going to put a smile on your dial. Who knows what giant entity decided to put you, rather than a message inside the bottle. Or maybe you are the message in the bottle. That got deep quickly, didn’t it?

Minerim, Minecraft Skyrim Map Download

Dovahkiin, can you survive in a world of squares? This Skyrim inspired minecraft adventure map set in Riften, with builds of the Temple of Mara and other memorable Skyrim locations makes the world of ‘Minerim’ a dangerous, beautiful and exciting one. There are fourteen unique quests to complete, and most of them wont end up with you becoming the leader of every single organization in the whole of Skyrim. Also, you won’t need the Hearthfire expansion pack in order to build your own house – although you will need to collect your own resources in order to do so.

This, I hope, represents a glimpse into the future of gaming. Malleable worlds in which NPCs live their lives and challenges must be met, and yet the world will also respond to the player’s touch. Imagine a Skyrim style game with Minecraft’s world building opportunities. We’re probably a few years off yet. In the meantime, there’s this amazing adventure map download to play with.

Download Minecraft Minerim, the Skyrim Map!

Medieval Times Minecraft Adventure Map

The times, they are medieval good sirs and ladies. And your adventure is beginning in a land where the dragons of legend might very well exist. This minecraft adventure map uses a lot of the solid RPG tropes, like having to satisfy grumpy guards who want you to go into ruins to find swords for them. I was rather reminded of FF8 at the outset, of the dungeon where one fights the Brothers. If only minecraft had a way to program your very own villains right into the game – to breathe speech onto mobs. But I digress.

Minecraft Golem Mod Download

An adorable series of little clay golems that will follow you about and do battle on your behalf are only a quick mod away! This mod adds craftable golems which, depending on the recipe you use to make them, can shoot arrows, or snowballs or even instantly kill targeted mobs if you have the supplies required to create them.

How To Craft Golems

The simplest clay golem you can make is a plain clay golem. It requires 22 blocks of clay, so you’d better get scouring those riverbeds for the newly ubiquitous clay deposits that can often be found there. You craft the head, torso and legs seperately, then put them all together to form a golem puppet – which spawns a clay golem when clicked. A simple clay golem is pretty much a little humanoid looking dog in terms of its abilities. The golem can be upgraded after basic puppet construction by adding various materials to the crafting grid around

the puppet. Adding eight blocks of snow, for instance, will create a snow golem. Adding three blocks of soul sand, three diamonds and two ghast tears will create an angel golem, which sprints about instantly killing any mob you choose.

With five different golems to choose from, you’ll finally have a reason to go to the nether, smack down ghasts and collect the occasional wart too (for the deamon golem.)

Download Kirwi’s Minecraft Clay Golem Mod!

Hoe-Craft, Minecraft Portal Map Download

This is a map with one mission: to elevate the humble diamond hoe to a new level in the minecraft community. For years a diamond hoe has been considered about as useful as a bathtub full of sand, but Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map puts the diamond hoe at the forefront of all things. Nothing can be achieved without your hoe. So love your hoe. Treat your hoe well, and upgrade it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The map has been made in the portal genre, which means you better be proficient at tossing cubes into other cubes. Placing blocks has no place here! This map contains elements from the puzzle and parkour genres, not to mention a certain soupcon of adventure. This is not a map for those who want to mine and craft, this is a map for people who want to best the devious mind that devised it.

Like other maps I’ve reviewed recently, this map uses the cutting edge command block technology included in the latest minecraft snapshot. So you’ll need to be proficient in .jar switching in order to play.

Download Hoe-Craft Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map!

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