Minecraft XXL Download (1 Block = 1 Pixel)

Honey, I shrunk myself!

If you enjoy feeling small, or simply looking at large objects, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with this minecraft map download that presents minecraft blocks and objects in super large microscopic detail. (Yes, the concept of super large microscopic things is a paradox. Enjoy the brain twisting.) This minecraft map is pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to being Rick Moranis. Or Miss Frizzle.

Need a scale? Sure, here’s a scale for you. Every pixel in the standard 16x minecraft texture pack has been blown up to the size of one block. 1 Pixel = 1 Block = 1 Small Step For Mankind.

Download Minecraft XXL!

Sky Wars, Minecraft Multiplayer Map

Part of the joy of having friends is destroying their hopes and dreams in fictional game scenarios. If you know some people you’d like to battle to the digital death over bits of colored wool, then do I have the map for you? (Hint: I do.) Sky Wars is a minecraft game map designed for one to four players and follows a simple premise: get the wool, or get exploded trying.

Not every one who begins the Sky Wars race will finish. Some will inevitably be lost to the void, or to one of the many devilish traps placed along the way. You have brushed up on your pig riding skills, haven’t you? Good, because that’s going to be important in this game – as it is in so very many areas of life. Algebra might be questionably useful, being able to conjugate a verb will come in handy once or twice, but pig riding, now there’s a skill for the ages.

But I digress. As you will, from a great height. Haha! Seriously though, this is the perfect map to download if you want your ears to ring with the anguished howls of your comrades in pixels as you battle in the great Sky Wars.

Download Sky Wars Multiplayer Minecraft Map!

Paranoia, Minecraft 1.4 Adventure Map

Are you feeling a little nervous? Looking over your shoulder? Seeing things out of the corner of your eye? Whirling about in darkened corridors? No? Well you will be soon as you descend into a deep state of paranoia whilst playing this scary minecraft adventure map. As the map begins you find yourself in the lap of high tech luxury. All is well in a sterile world where computers do your bidding and creepers are mythical beasts spoken of but never seen.

All that changes when weird things start happening. Weird isn’t good when you don’t understand how your housing unit is powered, so you beam down to the planet surface to see what’s going on. What’s going on turns out to be some hard case paranormal activity – and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it.

There are a lot of reasons to like Paranoia. A solid, original storyline is one of those reasons. Another one is that this is the first minecraft adventure map I’ve ever seen that offered a walkthough. Kudos to the map maker for taking the time out to redirect the lost. The map also has unlockable areas, which is pretty unique for an adventure map, so it’s actually worth doing sidequests in order to unlock more gameplay. This isn’t just a map, this is a game within a map within a game. And we’re only getting started.

Download Paranoia, Minecraft Adventure Map!

Tower Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

A new type of minecraft survival challenge, tower survival is simple: survive in a tower.

All the best minecraft survival maps have a simple premise. Sky Block: Survive in the sky. Survival Island: Survive on an island.

Unlike Survival Island and Sky Block, this survival map has an end point. When your tower is fifty blocks high, you can consider yourself to be finished in the goal of surviving. You build your tower by collecting stone bricks from hidden chests located around the small area of forest that is yours to roam. You can gather wood too, but beware that chopping wood is a dangerous game. If distracted you may fall victim to one of the many stray creepers released by the villainous map maker in an effort to undermine your tower building efforts.

You are of course free to impress your own imagination on this map. Your tower is allowed to be as fancy or as simple as you like. If you are accomplished you may create a lava moat. If you are mad, you might build your tower all the way into the fifth dimension.

Download Minecraft Tower Survival Map

From Ashes, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map

From Ashes is a very special, very large minecraft adventure map that sent thrills of excitement racing through my dedicated minecraft lobe when I first saw it. From Ashes is a post apocalyptic, open world minecraft adventure map with over sixteen dungeons, custom loot, traps, a plenty and of course, a monument to be completed.

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