How To Build A Minecraft Cottage

minecraft medieval house building guide

This is a step by step illustrated guide to building a charming little minecraft cottage. It contains illustrations of every step of the process, and a whole lot of little tips for adding charming details, like window shutters, window gardens and timber framing. The builder has used sand, wood, stone steps, fences and flower pots. You could quite easily substitute wool for sand blocks for a more Tudor style cottage.

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Jack and the Beanstalk | Minecraft Beanstalk Parkour Adventure Map

minecraft giant's cottage

This oversized minecraft beanstalk build combines parkour, fairy tales and much more. One needs to parkour leap all the way up the minecraft giant beanstalk and then you are free to explore the giant’s cottage in the clouds. Ignore the part of the fairy tale where your bones are ground to bake giant bread, there’s enough bone-meal around from skeletons to attend to all giant bread baking needs.

Minecraft Custom Server Map Download

minecraft custom server map download

This extensive 6000 x 4000 minecraft world map download is pretty perfect for anyone looking for a custom built minecraft world with custom built villages. If you’re tired of wandering through ‘randomly generated’ territory it’s time to explore something created a little more intentionally – both with your friends and complete strangers who might happen to stumble on to your server in an eternal search for lava and flint and steel.

minecraft snowy mountain range

Sim City 5 User Manual Leak Confirms In Game Store

sim city 5 store leaked manual

Did you love the way EA took The Sims franchise and turned it into an opportunity for you to buy $5 digital toilets? I sure hope so, because Sim City 5 is headed in precisely the same direction, as evidenced by page nine of a leaked user manual.

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Unwritten: An Indie Game From A Dishonored Developer

unwritten pc game

A randomly generated strategy game in which every single decision you make has an impact on the world in which the game is played, Unwritten is a game that has you build a tribe and lead them through a promised land to meet their god. Created with the same game ethos that made Dishonored an instant classic, Unwritten leaves the fate of everything in the world to the player. Death is permanent, your every choice matters and sometimes there’s no way tell what effects your decisions might have down the track.

Unwritten will be a highly moddable game with developer tools released with it so that interested players wil be able to bend and shape worlds to their own will. This isn’t just a world building game, it is the telling of a deep story, generated anew every time. The force that ultimately shapes your tale is you.

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