How To Make A Minecraft Beacon (of Speed, Haste, Armor, Jump, Strength and Health)

diamond beacon range of effect


minecraft beacon crafting recipe

To make a minecraft beacon, you first need to make a beacon from three blocks of obsidian, five blocks of glass and one nether star. You can then place your freshly made beacon on a pyramid made of metal blocks. You can use iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks or diamond blocks. The rarer the blocks you use, the greater the effect of the beacon. (more…)

Wake Island Minecraft BF2 Map Download

minecraft bf2 wake island map download

This 1:1 scale build of Wake Island from the pc game BF2 is now available to download. The Wake Island minecraft map contains all the bases and locations from the BF2 game. Though there are other Wake Island minecraft maps, this one is by far the most accurate, right the way down to the location of palm trees. This could also be considered a WW2 minecraft map.

wake island base minecraft map download

Legend of Zelda Minecraft Adventure Map

minecraft zelda adventure map download

It is time to return to Hyrule Feild with this Zelda minecraft adventure map. Your favorite Zelda locations vaguely re-created in a way that evokes all the fun of the Zelda series. It’s not what I’d call a precise re-creation, and that’s fine, because there are plenty of Zelda builds already, there aren’t quite so many adventure maps where you can play your way through, experiencing nostalgia as you best bosses. (more…)

How To Build A Minecraft Cottage

minecraft medieval house building guide

This is a step by step illustrated guide to building a charming little minecraft cottage. It contains illustrations of every step of the process, and a whole lot of little tips for adding charming details, like window shutters, window gardens and timber framing. The builder has used sand, wood, stone steps, fences and flower pots. You could quite easily substitute wool for sand blocks for a more Tudor style cottage.

Check out the entire minecraft building guide here!

Jack and the Beanstalk | Minecraft Beanstalk Parkour Adventure Map

minecraft giant's cottage

This oversized minecraft beanstalk build combines parkour, fairy tales and much more. One needs to parkour leap all the way up the minecraft giant beanstalk and then you are free to explore the giant’s cottage in the clouds. Ignore the part of the fairy tale where your bones are ground to bake giant bread, there’s enough bone-meal around from skeletons to attend to all giant bread baking needs.

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