Caved City, Minecraft Survival Games Multiplayer PVP Map Download

caved city minecraft pvp map

This minecraft city map is built on an epic scale, an abandoned city lost deep underground in a cave measureless to man. This FFA PVP arena map can contain up to twenty four minecraft pvp players all battling simultaneously for ultimate victory. There are plenty of places for wounded players to hide, and even more places to make sneaky attacks. Based on the Hunger Games concept, the game begins when the host drops the flag and ends when there is only one minecrafter left standing.

Tunnel Trouble, Minecraft Combat Survival Map Download

tunnel trouble minecraft combat survival map download

Tunnel Trouble is a minecraft map consisting of a five thousand block long bridge. Your job? To get to the other side. It sounds simple, but like most simple things in life, it is fraught with danger and red tape (in this case it is more like red carpet, but it’s virtually the same thing.)

The map comes with four separate classes to choose from, including Archer, Knight, OddJob and Summoner. I went Summoner class, mostly because I was curious as to what that would entail. As it turns out, Summoners begin their journey through the dangerous tunnels with enough iron, snow and pumpkins to make approximately fifteen defensive creatures. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of time to make them in and you’re almost entirely exposed before you do manage to build your defensive golems and snowball throwers.

Nivenska Nights, Minecraft Fantasy Map

nivenska nights minecraft fantasy adventure map download

A Minecraft Fantasy…

Nivenska Nights is a minecraft fantasy map with fantasy names that are hard to pronounce and even harder to remember – two signs of true quality! (All the best fantasy maps and books and games are made impenetrable to outsiders through the liberal use of words that mean nothing to the uninitiated.) Take the main quest for this map, for instance. It involves saving a town named Nivenska from a horde of undead creatures. They need saving because they only had one protector, a chap named¬†Aethaennyn, and he just died. Nivenska might need a few lessons in diversifying their security assets, but you can tend to that after you’ve found the magical beacon that can save them from their own lack of foresight. (more…)

Unwritten Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

Unwritten, the game I featured earlier as being a randomly generated strategy roguelike game following the fortunes of a tribe on a pilgrimage to meet its god – has reached the full Kickstarter funding. That means Unwritten will be made, and as one of the people who came before, I’ll be enjoying their tasty beta, estimated delivery June this year.

This is an exciting game because of the core mechanic – the notion that decisions should be permanent, and impact the entirety of the game. It was a principle that played out somewhat in Dishonored, but it will be at the very core of Unwritten. Everything you do will matter in a very deep way, which is exciting because it solves my main gripe with games like Skyrim. That gripe being the fact that you can put down a vampire king, absorb the souls of dragons and overturn the Imperial occupiers and you’ll still have guards mocking you about your lack of sweet rolls. In Skyrim you can do anything at all – and none of it matters in the slightest.

In Unwritten, every decision will not only affect the game in the moment, it will change the shape of history itself.

Visit the official Unwritten (Roxlou Games) site!

How To Respawn Belethor | Bring Skyrim’s Dead NPCs Back To Life

how to bring dead npc belethor back to life

Skyrim’s Dead NPC Problem

The Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim has bought with it some very unique problems – dead NPCs. Your favorite vendors can be killed in vampire attacks or by the Dragonpriest’s Cultist followers. If you’ve recently lost a favorite NPC, it is possible to resurrect or respawn them using the following console commands. (Ironically, console commands can only be used in the PC version of the game, not in console versions.)

How To Resurrect An NPC Corpse

If the NPC still has a body (ie, is not a pile of ash) you can simply use the tilde key (~) to open the console command menu, click on the body (a code will come up in the middle of the screen) and then type ‘resurrect’ into the console window. Close the window and the NPC will be returned to life, with no memory of their unfortunate demise.

How To Respawn Dead Skyrim NPCs

If your NPC has been reduced to an ash pile, you’ll need to use an entirely different command.

The ‘player.placeatme ‘ command will respawn an NPC from scratch. The pile of ash they once were will remain as a reminder, but the NPC is born anew, apparently unharmed.

For example, if Belethor is dead, you can respawn him using the following command:

player.placeatme 00013BA1

Other Skyrim NPC Codes can be found at this link. Using these codes, you can respawn, move or resurrect any Skyrim NPC.

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