Drybone Valley, Minecraft Wild West PvP Survival Map Download

minecraft pvp western map download

It’s a PvP map.
It’s a survival map.
It’s a train map. With a real fake minecraft train.
But more than anything, it’s a Wild West minecraft map. Yeehaw!

This map is designed for the playing of PvP survival games. Like Hunger Games, but with a little less Jennifer Lawrence. This particular map, with its Wild West theme, is particularly original with brilliant builds that will have you downloading minecraft cowboy skins before you can whistle while your billy boils. Who’ll come a waltzing matilda with you? Nobody, wrong continent. Try again.

minecraft cowboys and indians map

Play as cowboys and indians, play as native inhabitants at one with the land or maurading settlers at war with nature. Find the tree of ancestors (or not because again, wrong setting, that’s Avatar). With custom built wigwams and a general store just waiting for a new Sheriff to roll into town you can be Clint Eastwood all day long.

Faerinia Fantasy Adventure Minecraft Map Download

faerinia minecraft fantasy adventure map download

This large minecraft fantasy map is ready to be downloaded for the first time. When completed, Faerinia will be a minecraft adventure unmatched, unrivaled and generally un-ed. For the moment it is a well made and impressive island continent of a creation, which you could use for a multiplayer map, upload to a server, or simply wander around contemplating the meaning of minecraft life. Some cities have begun to spring up, so there’s some architecture to explore – though it is little compared to what will one day be. You could say that about anything though, even the mold under the sink brings with it the promise of greater things.

Skyblock Warriors Minecraft PvP Map

skyblock warriors minecraft pvp map download

Skyblock Warriors is a fun PvP style minecraft map perfect for minecraft PvP’ers who like a bit of a challenge. In Skyblock Warriors, each player starts off on his or her own little bit of sky. The task is then to build to a point where you are able to build bows and arrows. This is basically a very short PvP minecraft map, the winner being decided by who can build a cobblestone generator the quickest and create a skybridge to the very limited resources.

Left 4 Dead: McDonalds Minecraft Zombie Survival Map

minecraft mcdonalds left 4 dead map

Can ¬†you survive the wave of zombies coming your way? Probably not, but holed up inside an abandoned McDonalds, you might as well do your best to try, as having your brain eaten sometimes offends. This is a multiplayer minecraft survival map, designed for up to four people. Or one, terribly unfortunate person. Is it difficult? Yes, it is fairly difficult, or as we in gaming-land like to say ‘challenging’.

Be warned that the map starts very quickly once you get inside the McDonalds and the zombies are relentless. You will learn to hate button operated iron doors if you don’t already – because nothing is worse than trying to get through a door that is only open for half a second whilst zombies pummel the back of your head. You are provided with some armor in McDonald’s colors. I call it armor, it’s really just dyed leather and offers about as much protection as a thin spreading of olive oil. The only ray of hope in the whole affair are the storage chests and the drink dispensers, where some useful potions and raw foodstuffs can be found.

No crafting is allowed in this minecraft survival map, though anvils are provided so you can repair your tools and armor in between zombie attacks. There’s really not an awful lot of time ‘in between’, nor are there a lot of materials to repair your items with, so don’t get your hopes up, this is probably a losing battle. Especially if you’re playing singleplayer without the help of comrades and allies.

I also noted that occasionally a random creeper will spawn inside the restaurant, adding further chaos to the mix. There’s really no guarantee of safety anywhere in the map, except in the freezer room, (until Jeb teaches zombies to open redstone doors, anyway). Retreat, run, fight, survive, die, it’s all the same in the end.

Download the Minecraft Left4Dead McDonalds Map!

Minecraft Steampunk Animated Tools

minecraft animated tools

The animated tools and weapons featured in this article are part of the Broken Anachronism 64x Texture Pack, which is in development for minecraft 1.5. Designed with a Steampunk aesthetic in mind, these minecraft tools are animated with working mechanisms. No pretty but useless spinning wheels and cogs here, every moving part makes sense and serves a purpose. The first spinning doodad you see featured above is the diamond axe or hatchet, used for chopping down trees. The rotating blade cuts through wood at twice the speed of its iron counterpart.

minecraft diamond automatic shovel

This is the diamond pick, for instance. In true Steampunk style, it has been turned into a spring loaded pick, pushed down by a wheel driven wedge and then snapped back into place by the strong spring at the top of the tool. The detail for this minecraft pick even goes so far as to including the recoil resulting from the spring action.

Broken Anachronism is a brilliant texture pack, in addition to these whirling bits of high end Steampunk machinery, it also features the earlier tiers of tooling. The wood items are especially amusing, based on the concept that they are only slightly more effective than using one’s hands for the task. So the wooden shovel becomes a wooden spoon, the wooden hoe becomes a prosthetic leg and the axe is a battered old reclaimed stop sign. This is, therefore, the perfect texture pack for anyone looking for HD minecraft Steampunk textures – or even those playing an apocalypse style map. There is a certain ‘reclaimed technology’ feel to this texture pack that fits with the world as we know it having gone down the gurgler.

broken anachronism wooden hoe leg

This is the leg your father farmed with and his father’s father farmed with, so get mashing that boot into the soil, we’ve got crops to grow!

View the full album of tools and weapons on the Broken Anachronism Minecraft Steampunk texture pack imgur gallery!

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