Minecraft Elder Scrolls Map Downloads

minecraft tamriel map download

If you’re a fan of both Minecraft and the Elder Scrolls series, then this is a project designed to thrill you to your toes. Play all of the continent of Nirn in Minecraft with this single map that spans the continent made famous in the Elder Scrolls series. Wander the streets of Imperial City in Minecraft (still, to this day the best RPG city I’ve ever been in. Skyrim has nothing on the atmosphere and depth of Oblivion’s Imperial City.)

Abandoned Minecraft Mansion Map Download

minecraft abandoned mansion map download

Want to explore a large, abandoned old mansion? Of course you do. This minecraft mansion has over a hundred rooms, each left to the whims of nature. The old grand halls are empty now, but for you. There’s something very ‘The Shining’ about this minecraft map. It’s not strictly a Shining Minecraft Map, but with a little imagination, it possibly could be. There are extensive and somewhat overgrown grounds to explore as well, including a giant tree which has no doubt been growing since before the foundations of the mansion were poured. There’s also the family mausoleum to visit, a gazebo nestled amidst flowering trees and many more fascinating little nooks and crannies.

Minecraft’s Beetle Juice Roller Coaster

This cannot be downloaded because it was made in the XBOX 360 version of minecraft. It is however, one of the most impressive minecraft rollercoasters I’ve ever seen – and the fact it was made using a controller makes it even better.

Drybone Valley, Minecraft Wild West PvP Survival Map Download

minecraft pvp western map download

It’s a PvP map.
It’s a survival map.
It’s a train map. With a real fake minecraft train.
But more than anything, it’s a Wild West minecraft map. Yeehaw!

This map is designed for the playing of PvP survival games. Like Hunger Games, but with a little less Jennifer Lawrence. This particular map, with its Wild West theme, is particularly original with brilliant builds that will have you downloading minecraft cowboy skins before you can whistle while your billy boils. Who’ll come a waltzing matilda with you? Nobody, wrong continent. Try again.

minecraft cowboys and indians map

Play as cowboys and indians, play as native inhabitants at one with the land or maurading settlers at war with nature. Find the tree of ancestors (or not because again, wrong setting, that’s Avatar). With custom built wigwams and a general store just waiting for a new Sheriff to roll into town you can be Clint Eastwood all day long.

Faerinia Fantasy Adventure Minecraft Map Download

faerinia minecraft fantasy adventure map download

This large minecraft fantasy map is ready to be downloaded for the first time. When completed, Faerinia will be a minecraft adventure unmatched, unrivaled and generally un-ed. For the moment it is a well made and impressive island continent of a creation, which you could use for a multiplayer map, upload to a server, or simply wander around contemplating the meaning of minecraft life. Some cities have begun to spring up, so there’s some architecture to explore – though it is little compared to what will one day be. You could say that about anything though, even the mold under the sink brings with it the promise of greater things.

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