Extreme Cave

Discovered in an extreme hills biome…

extreme minecraft cave tunnel

Texture Pack is LB Photorealistic 16x version.

Tower of Spleef, Minecraft 1.6 Spleef Arena (No Mods Needed)

A vertical tower of spleef awaits you in this minecraft multiplayer Spleef Arena download. Spleef in all three dimensions, and remember to keep your mind on your money and your money on your… never mind, four blocks of sand just fell on your head and now you’ve respawned in the bay of losers. (Bay of Losers not included.)

Download the Tower of Spleef!

Bored Man Recreates The Vanderbilt Building In Minecraft

minecraft vanderbilt nuilding


Download the Vanderbilt Building. Download it now!

Minecraft Paper Mario Map Download

minecraft paper mario map

Paper Mario was fun. Now it is even funnerer in Minecraft. Petalburg is all ready to be played, but there is more to be built. If you happen to be a talented minecraft builder with a strong ability to be nostalgic for things that happened five minutes ago, then you can help create the entirety of Paper Mario in minecraft. I’m not saying that doing so will be the pinnacle of your life’s achievements, I’m saying that there’s a chance it will be. And all we really have in life is chances. Take a chance on me. Take a chance on Paper Mario in minecraft.

Download Paper Mario in Minecraft!

Hungry Hungry Villager Minecraft Minigame Download

hungry villager minecraft minigame download

This minecraft minigame involves hurling wheat into the mouth of a giant villager. Interested yet? You should be. Because throwing wheat at anything is interesting. Reminiscent of Hungry Hungry Hippo, Hungry Hungry Villager uses the minecraft scoreboard system to power a game based on speed, skill and your ability to hurl food into the gaping maw of a giant. And to grow that wheat in the first place. Did I leave that part out? Oh yes. This is just as much a wheat growing game as it is a wheat throwing game. In some ways it feels like giving sacrifice to some great god statue.

The need to grow the wheat turns this minigame into more than a mere gimmick. If you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of the night time to hunt skeletons and use their bones to grow your wheat all the quicker. The village cheif is not particularly hungry at the beginning of the map, but his hunger grows over time and as his lights go out, your chances of winning the game decrease.

Note: the download link is listed as an ‘MC-Edit schematic’ it is not actually an McEdit Schematic, but a playable downloadable world.

Download Hungry Hungry Villager Minecraft Game

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